7 Bizarre Eye Conditions

7 Bizarre Eye Conditions

Cooper Vision presents seven eye conditions that almost sound made up. An Iranian man suffered from a hairy eyeball. Due to a dermoid cyst that sprouted hair, due to cyst cells being incorporated into his eye during fetal development, he had hair coming out of his eye. Red eyes, seen in Albinos, result from the blood vessels seen behind the iris, it’s also seen in rabbits. Heterochromia is a condition in which someone has two different colored eyes, some even have two different colors in the same eye. Polychoria is marked by two different pupils in the same eye, each pupil works independently of the other with individual sphincter muscles. It’s one of the rarest eye conditions and is caused by a chromosomal condition, cat’s eye syndrome is also a result of a chromosomal condition. There is missing eye tissue that gives the eye a feline appearance when the pupil narrows and pushes into the iris. Cat’s eye syndrome sufferers also commonly have skull, kidney and heart issues. Haemolacria, a condition considered a religious stigmata back in the 16th century, is a condition causing the sufferer to cry blood. The condition can be caused by several factors including tumors, conjunctivitis or even hormonal changes.

Key Points:

  • 1Chromosome disease and mutations can cause two pupils in one eye, black eyes, or cat eyes.
  • 2The insufficient production of melanin causes red eyes. Another condition of the eye, heterochromia, is someone with two different colored eyes.
  • 3The most rare eye condition is called haemolacria, when a person cried tears of blood.

Step right up and see the amazingly weird eye conditions–hairy eyes, red eyes, cat eyes, and eyes that cry blood!

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