How Our Eyesight Develops And Changes: From Birth To Old Age

How Our Eyesight Develops And Changes: From Birth To Old Age

Vision is a human being’s most important, most used sense. When we are born, our vision is quite limited and as we grow up, this sense becomes greater and greater developed and perfected until we reach middle age when our senses begin to decline again.

Babies are born not being able to see very well. Over the first few months of life, babies’ vision improves. This includes depth perception, focus, a nd the ability to see in color. This all happens by the age of five months or so.

Once a human child begins school, eye strain can begin due to the tasks of reading, looking at a computer screen, etc. This is a good time to start noticing if a child struggles with vision such as nearsightedness or farsightedness or even a lazy eye issue.

By the time we hit adulthood (18) until around our 40th birthdays, our vision tends to remain the same. We rarely encounter vision troubles during this timeframe.

By middle age, approximately 40 years and up, the decline of our eyesight begins. As we age, we often encounter vision problems and may need glasses or corrective vision assistance. It is a common part of the aging process.

Key Points:

  • 1Babies don’t start out with the eyesight that we have later in life. In fact, even focusing and using their eyes together are skills that must be learned in the first months of life.
  • 2In the 20’s and 30’s there won’t be a big change in many people’s eyesight. Those who already have prescriptions may see them change, but many of the most common eye problems come with age.
  • 3Your eyes, like the rest of your body, are getting older, and the risk for vision problems increases.

Bifocals or surgical options like the KAMRA inlay are the most common treatments for presbyopia.

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