There are always going to be a lot of different ways out there to lose weight, and equally ways and things that do not help you lose weight. One thing that researchers do think that could help you really lose weight is to quit drinking coffee. There are some things in coffee like caffeine that will keep you awake for longer, which means less sleep.  Less sleep tends to lead to bad habits like overeating, which can definitely lead to you gaining weight, and not losing it.

Caffeine in coffee also does a great job of changing your sense of taste. Things will taste different after drinking coffee, and will make you want to keep adding sugar or cream to it which can lead to less weight loss and more weight gain.

Sometimes when you drink more coffee, and more stronger coffee with things in it, it makes you more awake and alert. For some people, that is a good thing, but not always. Being more awake and alert can sometimes lead to more time to get cravings for other things that could be bad for you and be against the whole trying to lose weight thing. So sometimes, coffee isnt the best thing to drink.

Key Points:

  • 1A recent study at Cornell University discovered a link between caffeine consumption and sugar cravings.
  • 2Caffeine intake temporarily dulls our taste buds’ ability to detect sweetness in food and drink, which could potentially trigger cravings for unhealthy sweets.
  • 3The researchers also noted a placebo effect associated with caffeine that led all participants in the study to report feeling more energized after consuming what they believed was caffeine.

New research published in the ‘Journal of Food Science’ suggests that anyone who’s trying to lose weight but has plateaued may benefit from quitting coffee.


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