How To Properly Take Care Of Your Eyes When You Work From Home

The eyes are two of the most delicate yet vital parts of the human body. For most, how people behave and react will be based on visual stimuli, at least for those who generally have good eyesight.

Thus, one’s eyesight becomes indispensable for day-to-day living, a reason why you should exert the time and effort to take care of the organs that perform this function. This is especially true if you work from home and your job requires you to use the computer or any other digital device for long periods. Taking care of your eyes should be your priority because you won’t stay productive if you develop eye problems.

To help you out, here’s how you could adequately take care of your eyes when working from home:


1. Consult An Expert First

If you’re looking for information about how to take care of your eyes when working from home, you can talk to eye doctors such as the Quigley Eye Specialists. These medical professionals have the necessary training and experience to give accurate tips on taking care of your eyes.

Unlike general information that you can search online, eye doctors will perform tests before giving specific recommendations tailored to your particular condition. Then, following their care instructions at home will provide you with peace of mind that you’re properly taking care of your eyes, and that your health and safety aren’t compromised during the process.


2. Wear Safety Eyewear

One of the most effective ways of taking care of your eyes is wearing a pair of prescription eyeglasses made from good quality material, though this tip applies mainly for people diagnosed with certain eye conditions or grades. This will help protect your eyes from UV light that emanates from computers and other digital screens, which is one major cause of eye damage and deteriorating eyesight.

When choosing a pair of eyeglasses, make sure it has an anti-reflective (IR) coating. This helps keep the sun’s intense rays from damaging your lenses and ensures that you can still work comfortably at home even if the sun creates glares indoors. Certain eyeglasses also come with a special coating that’s beneficial for people who are in front of computer screens all the time. Consult with your eye doctor on what’s the best kind for you.


3. Avoid Too Much Light

Another way of improving or maintaining your eye health is by making sure you’re not receiving too much light in your work area. Contrary to popular belief, using intense lighting will not boost your productivity; this could cause permanent damage to your eyes instead. Chronic exposure to bright lights can affect your retina and its surrounding molecules.

Taking care of your eyes when you’re working from home entails elaborate preparation, one that doesn’t happen overnight. To see the results of your efforts, you need to make drastic changes to your environment—and your work area at home is a good place to start. Thus, if you’ll mostly be working in front of a computer, you need to make sure that your working area is well-lit but not too vividly illuminated as well. You can do this by using incandescent warm light bulbs, full-spectrum lighting, or LED bulbs. You could try soft lights to avoid eye strain while working.

If possible, opt to move your working station or desk near an area with windows and has access to natural light. Your curtains can block the harmful UV rays from the sun, allowing just enough natural warm light to enter your home. Aside from being very healthy for the eyes, natural light is known to provide other health benefits such as improving sleep quality and warding off depression.


4. Use Eye Drops

Facing the computer for hours can dry your eyes because you’ll be blinking less often. Over time, this dryness could cause a severe stinging sensation that could lead to pain and discomfort. It will be challenging for you to work properly when you’re suffering from dry eyes

To help alleviate dry eyes, the use of eye drops is a popular remedy that can also help keep the eyes healthy and moist. Using eye drops every day is a safer way of removing contaminants from your eyes and ensures that your eyes are well-lubricated. This is especially important if your work duties entail heavy reading via digital screens.

Eye drops are very common today, so expect to find several varieties of this product in the market. Aside from the ones meant to treat dry eyes, you can also buy those that alleviate specific conditions such as redness, itching, swelling, and allergies.


5. Use An Eye Cream

It’s now more manageable to take care of your eyes because of newer products solely made for this purpose. As long as these are used regularly and adequately, these additional products can enhance your general eye care that, in turn, ensures that your eyesight stays healthy as well. One of these products is the eye cream.

Using a high-quality eye cream gives you an added layer of protection against strain and irritation, and will even moisturize the skin around your eyes. An eye cream could also remedy puffiness, making you look younger and more alert. When choosing an eye cream, make sure it contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, which has been shown to protect the fragile tear tissue around the eyes.


6. Eat Healthy Food

One thing that’s easy to research online is the type of food groups necessary to maintain good eyesight. Including leafy green vegetables and various types of fish in one’s diet is often the default recommendation of doctors. Vitamin A from nature’s bounty, such as carrots and potatoes, specifically helps in promoting eye health. When checking which kinds of food items would suit you, see if these choices also promote better eyesight.


Consistency Is Key

Contrary to popular belief, taking care of your eyes is an easy task. Regardless of how busy you are as you work from home, there will always be strategies that could fit into your busy schedule. As long as you properly and regularly follow the tips in this article, you won’t have to worry about suffering from any eye strain or serious eye problems in the future.



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