Why the Office Isn’t the Only Workplace Impacted by Blue Light

Why the Office Isn’t the Only Workplace Impacted by Blue Light

Blue light is the most intense light that is visible to humans and is both naturally forming, and man-made. Blue light comes from the sun, as well as very common LED displays on devices like tablets, phones and computers, and even televisions. Now while blue light can be considered natural, it has also been associated with eye-strain in many research studies. So reducing blue light exposure can be beneficial to people and typically this is done through using blue light reducing eyewear. It is important for workplaces where people spend most of their day. In industrial settings like factory or shop floors, the exposure to Compact Fluorescent Lighting or LED bulbs which emit high amounts of blue light. Spending time outdoors or those who work in outdoor settings should also consider using blue light reducing eyewear for the time they spend under the sun. Those in the medical profession like doctors and nurses and technicians are under constant exposure to high amounts of blue lighting. Products from TechShield Blue provide anti reflective coatings for the inside of workplaces that contain lots of blue light. And the company SunSync Light Reactive provides protective eyewear for workers who spend majority of their time outdoors under the natural light of the sun.

Key Points:

  • 1Many industrial settings now use CFL, or LED bulbs, which are brighter to work with, but also emit blue light that can cause eye strain.
  • 2If your work keeps you outside for much of the time, you should know that the sun also emits large amounts of blue light.
  • 3TechShield Blue is an anti-reflective coating that can be used by digital device users to greatly reduce the chance of eye strain from blue light.

Modern devices like smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, televisions, LED and CFL lighting all emit blue light. Exposure to this high-energy light has been linked to digital eye strain in as little as two hours of exposure.

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