Sports Contacts

Sports Contacts

Did you know there are specific contact lenses made for individual sports?

Corrective eyewear has come a long way in the last few years. No longer are we encumbered with having to wear heavy glasses to improve our eyesight. There are all manner of feather weight lenses and shock resistant frames that can bend and flex and not break. And contacts have progressed from those hard glass lenses that used to pop out on their own and have everyone scrambling to help find the missing lens. If you are old enough you will remember friends popping their contact in their mouth and then back in their eye. Now we have soft contacts that allow air to travel through the lens to let the eye get oxygen which is healthier for the eye, contacts that don”t absorb moisture keeping your eye much more comfortable, contacts that modify your eye color while correcting you vision and contacts that offer extra UV protection. But what is really amazing in the last few years manufacturers have developed soft contacts that correspond with specific sports to improve athletic performance.

Yellow Tinted Contacts: These contacts are made for tennis players where balls are usually yellow. These contacts affect the color you see in the environment making a yellow tennis ball pop.

Green Gray Tinted Contacts: These contacts are made for golfers. They are specifically designed to help distinguish the various green colors on the golf course. My husband loves these. They almost function like sunglasses so you don”t want to wear them inside buildings too much, it would be like leaving your sunglasses on.

Amber Tinted Contacts: These contacts were made for baseball players. These contacts filter out blue light making the ball easier to see. So if you see some crazy looking red eyed softball or baseball players, it might just be their contacts.

Your eyes do look strange when wearing sports tints, so they are not for the vain. Studies have been done that show they do enhance athletic performance. Which makes sense; if you see better your performance will improve.

If you have a sport you love, no matter what your skill level and you need corrective eyewear it might be worth it to try a box of lenses designed for your specific sport. Ask for a sample at your next eye doctor appointment. Who knows you may improve the level of your play with something so simple.