Organic Farming And Organic Food

In the past farmers used to grow crops using naturally made manure made up of cattle excreta, humus and compost. Commonly known as cow dung, these excreta were used by the cultivators and farmers on their farms for growing crops. These days this indigenous method of farming is known by a new fashionable name known as organic farming and the products obtained by this type of farming are known as organic products. The organic products that we get as a result of organic farming are generally sold at supermarkets or exclusively at organic food stores. So, the big question is, what is organic farming? And what does the word organic mean?

Organic Farming

It literally means farming, animal rearing and plantings   done using natural methods and materials. This means no chemicals, pesticides, weedicides, rodenticides and additives are used in the cultivation of crops and plants. Even animal rearing is done in a natural way to enhance the production of good quality milk, milk products, meat, honey etc. The food we get as a result of organic farming is known as organic food. Organic farming brings people very close to nature as everything that is in organic farming to yield organic products are obtained from nature. The word organic means anything that is derived from nature and its biotic components. Thus organic farming in itself defines farming done in a natural way using natural materials.

Reasons for Organic Farming:

The main reasons for organic farming is sustainable management of environment and ecological balance, thus creating a cleaner and greener earth. There are certain other major direct objectives of organic farming.

  • To advocate the use of natural pesticides and weedicides.
  • To grow plants according to the soil and plant nutrition.
  • To promote crop rotation to maintain the fertility of the soil.
  • To protect soil fertility by using indigenous methods of biological activity.
  • To control pests and weeds using natural methods.
  • To promote the plantation of leguminous plants to fix atmospheric nitrogen
  • To promote the rearing and breeding of livestock using natural feeds and methods.

What are Organic Products:

The products that are obtained as a result of organic farming and rearing of livestock is known as organic product. These products are free from harmful chemicals, additives and other adulterants. These products are hundred percent natural.

Good Things About Organic Products:

  1. It is healthy and natural:

As we all know that organic products are healthy as they do not contain any harmful chemicals or additives. Farmers use biologically natural materials and natural methods to grow food products unlike modern methods of crop cultivation which uses a lot of chemicals to increase the yield. There are supermarkets and health food shops everywhere which sell organic food. People can easily buy organic fresh products from these stores. They can even buy organic products from different websites that sell organic foods online.

2.Protection of environment:

There is a lot of environmental damage caused by pollution with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming helps prevent soil erosion, water pollution, soil pollution and other types of risks that harm the environment.

3.Higher nutrients in food products:

It has been witnessed that organic food products have higher nutritional value. They contain higher amounts of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These nutrients play a vital role in the preventing cardiovascular diseases, cancers, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Meat is free from chemicals:

Live stock is reared using natural feeds and bred using natural methods. The meat is safe and free of antibiotics and various hormones that could be used to increase the production of milk and meat.

5.Increased shelf—life:

Organic food products have longer shelf life because plants that are organic have high amount of metabolic and structural integrity. This quality helps in maintaining longer shelf life for the organic food products. Thus these can be kept in organic food stores for a longer period of time, to be sold.

6.Less input of cost:

Organic farming is practiced and preferred by many farmers as it involves natural materials and natural methods for cultivation of crops and rearing of animals. This in turn also maintains the ecological balance of the environment.

7.Supporter of pollination:

Pollination is generally done by bugs, bees and insects. In conventional farming pesticides are used to kill the pests and in that course of action good bugs which carry out the process of pollination also get killed. Thus a lot of biodiversity is lost as even small bugs are a part of our biodiversity. Organic farming helps save these bio diversities as they use natural ways to grow crops.

8.Contains more flavor:

As organic food products are free from chemicals, they are more flavorful and taste good. The aroma and the smell of organic food product is so nice that you can’t resist them at the first glance.

9.Safer for cultivators:

Organic farming is quite safe for the cultivators as they use natural materials and methods to cultivate food products. They are not exposed to harmful pesticides, weedicides and other chemical while spraying them on the crops. So the farming community is safe when engaged in organic farming and people are safe by consuming organic products that are free of harmful chemicals and additives.

Final thought:

Organic food products can easily be bought from stores that only carry organic food products and from super markets that have options for food purchase and often different counters or sections for organic food products. Many health food shops sell exclusively food items that are produced organically using natural methods and natural materials. Though these shops are less in number than the conventional markets or superstores selling farm products grown in a conventional way they can be a good source for finding organic options. If you can’t find organic food easily in your area, do not worry.   There are online organic options available.   Shopping online with to your door delivery is a convenient option.   So be organic, be healthy.   Instead of seeing organic food as expensive, view it as an investment in your health.




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