Huntington’s Disease

Science Reveals Fascinating Insights About Who We Are And Where We Come From

Humans have always been fascinated with their ancestors. We celebrate and remember them, we try to find out where we come from, and learn everything about where we come from. Humans will never stop asking about their ancestors, and that is where science comes in to try to answer these questions.

What Ancestry DNA Testing Can Teach You About Yourself And Your Family Legacy

Over eons, the urge to know one’s legacy has tickled the curiosity of men. No wonder the popularity of DNA testing kits is on the rise. According to a study conducted by MIT, more than 10 million people all over the world have already purchased DNA testing kits from companies that aim to thrive on […]

AP Exclusive: First Gene-Edited Babies Claimed in China

A bald head

Baldness Cures and Treatments

The most common cause of hair loss, especially in men, is Androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. People, whose genetics predispose them to baldness, usually start in the mid-teens or during puberty. Stop the receding hairline today! Check out treatments and cures for baldness from HealthStatus.

Bald man brushing his hair

Baldness Cures Might be on Their Way

Funny remedies for baldness come from ancient tomes. Try boiling mustard oil with henna leaves. Massage it onto the balding areas of your head. Rub goose droppings onto your head. Search out a South American clinic that claims it will return your hair to the way it was when you were a teen. Of course […]