Science Reveals Fascinating Insights About Who We Are And Where We Come From

Science Reveals Fascinating Insights About Who We Are And Where We Come From

Humans have always been fascinated with their ancestors. We celebrate and remember them, we try to find out where we come from, and learn everything about where we come from. Humans will never stop asking about their ancestors, and that is where science comes in to try to answer these questions.

Who Are We?

This is a very difficult question to answer, with the answer depending on your beliefs. When asked this question, most people turn to either religion or science. For religious people, we come from a creator, regardless of what they choose to call that creator. Scientists believe in evolution. A smaller percentage of people who identify as philosophers will tell you that we are our actions and that every action ever taken by either us or our ancestors is what makes us who we are.

The best way to examine who we are is to ask where we come from. The answer to this question lies in science.


The Truth is in Our DNA

Human evolution is a very long process that has taken millions of years and is still happening today. It started with our apelike ancestors developing the ability to walk on two feet. Next, we developed later and more complex brains that allowed us to make tools, build fires and develop a language. This process took place due to mutations. Mutations make changes in our DNA – DNA that has been passed down to us by our ancestors and our parents.

Because of migration from Africa, believed to be the cradle of mankind, different sets of people developed different mutations which led to what we know today as races. To find out exactly where we came from, therefore, we must examine our DNA.


DNA For Genealogy

Genealogy testing is relatively simple; you send out