An Intergalactic Guide to Using a Defibrillator | Todd Scott

Todd Scott demonstrates an interesting and entertaining way to learn how to use an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator by showing how you would use it on different characters in the Star Wars universe. With Storm Troopers, you run into trying to get their chest plate off in time as the window for the AED is 10 minutes. Jedi’s have the clear advantage, as they have easy to open robes. Scott also explains that you can use them on aliens, but be careful! If you’re touching an alien, you could cause an arc, which means that the power of the machine doesn’t get directed to the right place. Despite that, pad placement is the same on an alien, Jedi, or Wookie (though you would have to shave spots off on the Wookie first): top right and bottom left of the chest. Scott even explains that Jabba the Hut could benefit from an AED, and you just have to do your best in placement. You want to continue by doing chest compressions at 100 beats per minute, without exceeding 120. Scott’s advice is to just use the theme to the Imperial March, or the theme song of Darth Vader. Be careful when using an AED on Yoda! Since he’s smaller in size (like a child), one pad goes on the front of his chest, and the other on his back to spread out the power. Princess Leia is also O.K. for AED use, as long as she doesn’t have on that pesky metal bikini as it can cause the defibrillator power to arc.

Key Points:

  • 1An AED is an external defibrillator, or a device designed to shock your heart back into rhythm, in the event of a cardiac event.
  • 2While an AED can save a user’s life, it must be used quickly, as it has a very small window of effectiveness, approximately ten minutes.
  • 3Pads are placed on the upper right and lower left hand side of the recipient’s chest, which needs to be dry and free of clothing and hair.


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