Tabata. Exercises That Give Spectacular Results

For many years, researchers and health advocates alike have touted the virtues of high-intensity interval training, and other types of periodized training regimes. The versatile training modalities are valuable in a number of regards: elevating the heart rate to build maximum output, taxing the muscles to develop increased strength and stamina, and creating metabolic effects whose fat-burning impacts extend well beyond the end of any given day’s workout session.

But which of these regimes is most helpful for you?

While there are many different riffs on interval training, one of the most well-known and time-tested of these is the Tabata method, developed by a Japanese researcher and employed by fitness buffs worldwide. This simple method consists of eight twenty-second periods of high intensity output punctuated by ten-second periods of rest between each interval. The low rest duration provides modest, minimal recovery, with the cumulative effect of the entire set being extreme heart rate elevation and taxation of the muscles. One of the most attractive aspects of the Tabata method is that it can be employed with nearly any type of exercise, including bodyweight exercises and strength movements. Some typical examples include air squats, jumping rope, C2 rowing, and thrusters. Try adding in the Tabata method to your existing training regimen and start reaping its benefits immediately.

Key Points:

  • 1There are a number of different interval exercise methodologies out there, and it can be tough to choose the right one.
  • 2Many experts agree that Tabata – with its eight rounds of 20-second, all-out intensity – is one of the best.
  • 3Try out this functional regime with any number of body-weight or weightlifting exercises to reap its benefits.

Tabata is a great solution for people on reducing fat, whose priority is to create a negative caloric balance during the day and stimulate metabolism.

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