The Benefits Of Swimming For Your Health

You’ve probably heard it’s a great sport, but do you know all the benefits of swimming? Find out how this exercise can help you improve your health, your emotional state, and your physique.

Unlike many other sports, swimming is recommended for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. It is a sport in which learning is effortless, and the risk of injury is low. All this is because swimming does not affect the joints as other exercises do, since when floating, the body’s weight does not fall on them. This benefit was compiled by writers who provide  writing helper. They spend a lot of time at their laptop and know, like no one else, how healthy it is to exercise. Swimming and allows you to relax and strengthen your back after a day at the computer.

Do you know why it is a good idea to choose this sport if you are looking for a way to get in shape? Do you want to know all the benefits of swimming? Don’t miss this article!


Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is the endurance activity par excellence. And it is because it forces you to move continuously. Whether you move forward or remain suspended in the water, you are in constant movement, so you constantly perform aerobic exercise, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

  • Exercises the heart gently: this is because the movements in the water are not abrupt.
  • Promotes blood circulation: especially in the legs, thanks to the alternation of muscular contractions and decontractions.
  • It has a draining action: this prevents edema and tired legs.
  • Breathing is improved: especially when you have been training for a while. It is because we strengthen the muscles responsible for filling and emptying the lungs of air so that more and more air can be taken in a single inspiration. We optimize the use of our lungs, making breathing more efficient.
  • Reduces or prevents back pain: swimming strengthens all muscles and improves body posture.
  • Prevents injuries: it is beneficial for both muscles and joints, thus preventing injuries. It is also a suitable exercise to treat them.


Benefits of Swimming for the Mind

As we have been saying, due to its health benefits, swimming improves the quality of life. Therefore, our self-esteem increases.

Like all sports, swimming secretes endorphins, known as pleasure hormones, which after a few minutes of effort, cause a natural feeling of happiness. On the other hand, and this is more obvious, you will soon begin to notice physical changes by practicing swimming regularly. Therefore, you will look better yourself, and that also gives a plus of happiness.

If we talk about swimming more specifically, it has been proven that contact with water in a pool is associated with fun, which reduces stress. It is also an optimal sport to meet people, expand your social circle, and see people with imperfect bodies, also helping to minimize complexes.

In summary, the benefits of swimming for the mind are as follows:
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mood
  • Helps you relax
  • Promotes concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Increases the feeling of well-being


Benefits of Swimming for the Figure

Swimming exercises the whole body:
  • The legs,
  • Arms,
  • The torso,
  • The hips.

However, the upper body is the area that is strengthened the most, as most of the exercise is concentrated on the triceps, triceps, triceps, triceps, triceps, triceps, triceps, and triceps.

  • Triceps,
  • Dorsals,
  • Pectorals,
  • Back Muscles.

If you want to know the benefits of swimming for the figure, you should keep in mind that these will depend on the swimming style we perform.

Crawl and Backstroke

These modalities make the arms work and push underwater. We must also keep the body firm on the water, so we exercise:

  • Biceps,
  • Triceps,
  • Deltoids,
  • Buttocks,
  • Intercostals,
  • Abdominals,
  • Pectorals.

The foot movement in these strokes is fast, so we will tone the quadriceps and hamstrings and, to a lesser degree, the calf and foot muscles.

Breaststroke and Butterfly

These two styles require lifting the head out of the water to breathe, so the power of the movement is in the arms and legs. In these modalities are worked:

  • The pectorals,
  • The deltoids,
  • Biceps in the upper trunk,
  • The quadriceps and hamstrings in the lower box.

The difference between these styles concerning the others lies in the movement’s strength, which requires more energy and power to lift the body to the surface.

Other disciplines. In addition to swimming, new ways of combining aerobic exercise with water sports benefits have emerged in recent years. Two examples are aqua biking (water spinning) and aqua gym.


Swimming: A Sport Suitable for Everyone

One of the strengths of swimming is that it is an ideal sport for everyone. It is especially suitable for the most sensitive population groups such as pregnant women, babies, and the elderly.

It is also recommended for people who have  scoliosis  (or any back problem) and asthma. It is essential to choose the swimming style that best suits our capabilities, but whatever it is, there is no excuse for not getting into the water.

Do you want to swim?   There’s no escaping this sport for great health benefits and great fun!



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