Why Having A Personal Trainer Is Important

Been trying hard to gain/lose weight for quite some time now with minimal to no results? Hitting the gym regularly has been taxing enough but not seeing results can be quite the disconcertion. Maybe you’re trying your best but it’s just that there are some techniques that you’re lacking. Whatever be the reason, it can most likely be resolved when provided with proper guidance and support- and who better to do that than a personal trainer?

If you’re starting on a new exercise/diet routine or planning to alter an existing one- having a personal trainer to assist you through it would be a great idea. Moreover, you’re bringing about a whole other level of professionalism and accountability when you involve an expert into your regimen, and this, in turn, proves to be quite the motivational tool.


Aligning Your Fitness Goals with Personal Training


Whatever be your fitness goals: shedding those additional pounds, getting ripped, getting into a certain body form, or healthy weight gain– your trainer can help you gain clarity regarding your goals and the means to get to them. Unlike how you would go about it, personal trainers can bring discipline and structure to your goals and guide you through the most effective means of achieving them.

The very first step you need to take before hiring a personal trainer is to comprehend and chart out your needs and discuss the duration and effectiveness of the program with the potential hire. Check out their plans for you and decide for yourself if you can gain the trust and patience that the process requires. Obtain any clarification that you might need way ahead of time and discuss your timelines and plans with them so that the most effective one can be decided upon.

It is highly important to maintain a level of trust and understanding with your trainer as you embark on this journey together. Weigh the benefits against the expense before you make your commitment and stick by it- the desired results are guaranteed!

There are numerous benefits to hiring a personal trainer which you will realize once you understand the exact role of one. Let us explore that to give you a better idea of how to find a personal trainer who is right for you and why you should seriously consider getting one.


Role of a Personal Trainer


An experienced personal trainer takes his or her time to understand their clients quite literally from head to toe. Your strengths and weaknesses are thoroughly assessed, and each of your habits is scrutinized.

Once a fair picture has been obtained, a customized workout plan is designed specifically for you to achieve your results keeping in mind any obstacles and personal targets that you might have. Your progress is monitored on a very regular basis and they provide you with the right levels of motivation and guidance to ensure that you are exactly where you must be, mentally and physically, throughout the process.

Moreover, each workout during the session becomes an interactive learning session that introduces you to the right method of performing an exercise and allows you to explore your limits in a controlled and safe environment.


Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer


1.   Perfecting the Technique and Posture

Working out as such seems pretty straightforward, but there is a lot of emphases that must go into finesse and technique should you wish to maximize the benefit of any workout that you are following. For example, even something as simple as a standard squat requires a fixed posture to impact upon the right muscle group.

An educated and experienced personal trainer shall help you execute your workouts exactly how they are supposed to be, all the while keeping a check on your posture and form. Besides reaping the benefits of the workout, it is also important to maintain good form to prevent exercise-related injuries that are surprisingly very common.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to perfect a couple of workouts, having the guidance of a personal trainer can prove extremely beneficial.


2.   A Wholistic Approach

Whatever be your fitness goals, everyone these days knows that nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand. Having a personal trainer attend to you would mean that you are taking a holistic, thereby long-lasting outlook towards fitness.

You shall be gaining in-depth knowledge on the right nutrition plan for you as well as the right muscle groups you need to target to achieve the body shape you have in mind, as well as clarifications to almost any fitness-related query that you might have. Based on experience, a personal trainer might also be able to suggest you weight loss or weight gain supplements that can help you accomplish your goals. However, make sure they have the right certification/degree in nutrition to do so.


3.   The Experience is Entirely Personalised

When you’re hiring a personal trainer, you are signing up for a purely customized plan that is tailored to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals precisely. Whether you’re suffering from an old back injury and trying to get back out there or taking up a marathon for the first time, personal trainers are equipped to handle all sorts of scenarios and personal challenges.

When working with a personal trainer, your training program is designed to benefit you solely unlike the generic plans that you come across in various media that may or may not give you the desired results.


4.   Your Goals Tend to be More Realistic

Realistic goal setting is synonymous with achievable targets and high success rates. Setting goals that are too good to be true results in severe demotivation resulting from continued disappointment resulting from improper planning and targeting.

Your trainer will be setting your goals for you based on their experience and expertise. These goals will not only be highly achievable but will also keep you encouraged to stick to the plan as you start seeing effective and long-lasting results.

Besides setting the goals, they also help you achieve them by providing you with their guidance and support throughout.


5.   Accountability

Every appointment that you make with your trainer binds you to a commitment to see it through whether you are excited about it or not. Everyone has lazy days during which we simply do not feel like doing much of anything at all, let alone strap on our gym shoes and work out for hours.

Your personal trainer will do the job of making you feel appropriately guilty so that you stick to the plan, even if reluctantly so, and you see results for which you’ll be thanking your trainer immensely.


6.   Time Management

Easily the most readily available excuse that anyone has for not hitting the gym is that there is not enough time to do so during their jam-packed days. Little do we realize that the time that we actually spend working out on the gym does not need to be over an hour (true for most of us) and can easily be segmented across the various types of workouts.

Most of us walk into the gym wondering what we should work on that day and do not have a clear idea about where to begin. Having a personal trainer show you exactly how to use the equipment and where they are located saves you plenty of time that you would waste otherwise. Besides your schedule and plan for the day are already fixed by your trainer- all you need to do is show up and sweat it out.


7.   Consistency and Habit Formation

The accountability that you have when you have a personal trainer results in you showing up to the gym regularly and regularly working different groups of muscles. Now we all know that it takes about two months to form a habit. So, when you’re done with forming these good habits and break your old ones, if you decide to venture further without the help of a trainer, you can confidently do so knowing that this time, it will stick.




There are certain things to keep in mind when you are looking for a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. Your fitness goals must be clearly explained to your trainer who will then be able to devise a plan best suited to your requirements. Your body is not like any other. Hence your fitness needs may not be apparent to you but once you build a level of trust with your personal trainer, you shall be able to, through open communication, come up with a plan that will definitely work for you.

Besides the list of benefits that we have stated here, you will find it much easier to achieve your fitness targets without compromising on your time or health. With the help of a personal trainer, you will end up being fitter, stronger, and healthier. Connecting with a personal trainer can be a life-changing decision, but way more often than not, it is definitely for the best.



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