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Why You Should Consider Today’s Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Why Is Hearing Loss More Common In The Elderly?

Among human age groups, infants and the elderly are considered two of the most vulnerable. For infants, it is because their organs and immune system are not yet fully developed. For older adults, the reason is often related to degeneration.  

What You Should Know About Selecting Hearing Aids

If you are experiencing hearing loss, then there is a good chance that your doctor or audiologist may suggest a hearing aid. If you have only just begun to develop hearing issues, then you may be rather unaware of how a hearing aid functions or which one is right for you.

Earbuds Won’t Stay In? – Earbud Cartilage Deficiency Syndrome (ECDS)

Smart Home Technologies to Help People with Hearing Issues

Hearing-related issues are continually rising across the world. The hearing loss in patients is causing many problems socially, medically, and psychologically. People with impaired hearing conditions suffer a lot in terms of psychological aspects in society if the impairment is not treated timely. Hearing loss is also associated with dementia in many cases, according to […]

Protecting Your Ears from Hearing Loss

Safely Dealing with Excess Earwax

Portable Music Players Tied to Hearing Loss in Kids

Prolonged and persistent use of headphones for listening to music or other audio is being shown to increase the risk of experiencing hearing loss. A new study of Dutch children looked at children aged nine to eleven, correlating their use of portable audio devices with headphones or earbuds, their normal volume settings, and their ability […]

This Simple Test Can Help Kids Hear Better | Susan Emmett

Hearing loss, or even full deafness, might seem like a minor disability in the grand scheme of things, but for those who can’t hear it changes their entire world. Especially if they’re born into it. The rest of us take hearing for granted, and never think about how much of what we do on an […]

What Is Hearing Loss?

Recognizing hearing loss No matter what the underlying cause may be, having undiagnosed hearing loss can interfere with your normal activities and reduce your quality of life. Because all four of the types of hearing loss can happen gradually and can build upon each other, the person experiencing hearing loss often won’t notice the problem […]