Smart Home Technologies to Help People with Hearing Issues

Smart Home Technologies to Help People with Hearing Issues

Hearing-related issues are continually rising across the world. The hearing loss in patients is causing many problems socially, medically, and psychologically. People with impaired hearing conditions suffer a lot in terms of psychological aspects in society if the impairment is not treated timely. Hearing loss is also associated with dementia in many cases, according to the latest research findings.

With the advancement in technologies, numerous assistive technologies, as well as medical interventions, have been developed for solving the hearing health problems. Many products and gadgets powered by software applications have been introduced in the marketplace. Advanced technologies such as Ruby, Java, C#, PHP, and many others are extensively used for developing hearing loss solutions. The demand for Ruby on rails programmers is very high in this particular field.

What Are Hearing Issues?

The condition of a patient in which the hearing of the patient becomes impaired due to internal or external effects is known as hearing issues or hearing impairment. The severe condition that makes the patient unable to hear any sound is known as hearing loss.

In today’s modern era of technologies, there are numerous assistive gadgets and appliances that are used for patients with hearing loss. According to the World Health Organization information, there are more than 466 million people affected with disabling hearing loss, which means those patients cannot hear sound up to 40 decibels (dB). Moreover, there will be about 900 million people affected by disabling hearing loss by 2050.

Reasons for Hearing Loss

There are numerous reasons for hearing loss condition in the patients. A few very important ones are listed below.

  • Inherited disorders (genetic problem)
  • Infections in the middle of the ears
  • Infectious illnesses such as Mumps, Meningitis, and others
  • Age factors
  • Congenital impairment by birth
  • Jaundice in the child at birth
  • Lack of availability of oxygen to the newly born child at birth
  • Severe body infections can also impair the hearing
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Exposure to severe noise above the 80 dB level
  • Injury to hea