Report: The Human Microbiome Creates Previously Unidentified Proteins

Report: The Human Microbiome Creates Previously Unidentified Proteins

It has already been known for quite some time that the human body is dependent on the microbiome made up of trillion of healthy bacteria that call it home.

These healthy strains of bacteria are referred to as probiotics and are now credited with helping the body when it comes to the digestive system, the immune system, and even the central nervous system.

Probiotics help reduce the risk of diarrhea and bloat, help protect the body against bacterial infection and pathogens, and much, much more.

According to a recent report, the human microbiome in our gut also appears to be responsible for creating thousands of tiny, previously unidentified proteins. These proteins could help shed light on the truth behind human health and could lead to the advancement of human drug development.

Before we go into this exciting new report, let’s go over how probiotics help your body thrive on a daily basis.

Simply, probiotics have evolved with the human body over millions of years and are now believed to be intimately intertwined with the human body’s natural makeup. They help our body break down the food that we eat so that we can get the most out of the food’s nutrients without expending so much energy to do it ourselves. Probiotics help reduce the risk of infection by taking up all the room and nutrients necessary for unhealthy bacteria to grow. They protect our skin from acne breakouts and allergic reactions such as eczema. In fact, it is now believed that probiotics may have an impact on reducing the risk of anxiety and depressive mental disorders by helping to develop serotonin and sending it to the brain.

That is what researchers already know – and have been researching for well over a decade – this new report from the Stanford University School of Medicine is something very different and very new.

The Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered that the probiotics inside our body are churning out tens of thousands