What Are The Best Portable EKG Machines?

The waveform of EKG machines is increasingly being used by medical experts for diagnosing heart health. Our heart sends an electronic signal every time it pumps and the EKG Machine records the pattern of this signal. The EKG device has come in as a blessing for patients diagnosed with cardiac issues like Mobitz Type I and II, First, Second- and Third-degree heart block.

The medical fraternity can be seen using the EKG’s in a variety of settings ranging from operating rooms to intensive care units, emergency rooms and even surgical centres. However, the EKGs are mostly used alongside other machines like patient monitors for keeping tab over health conditions such as myocardial infarctions, arrhythmia, heart murmur and seizures. Now that you have gained a basic understanding on the use of an EKG machine, let us take a look at the best portable options available in the market:


  • Alivecor ® KardiaMobile

This portable EKG device has been specially designed for being used along with a smartphone app. That’s why it doesn’t feature any screen and can be tagged along easily wherever you go. Under the basic package, users can share the results directly with the physicians while keeping tab on the level of blood pressure. The premium package provides the option of tracking medication apart from delivering monthly printed reports and unlimited cloud storage of data.

Irrespective of your chosen package, this device is surely one of the best EKG monitors in terms of its speed. It takes just 30 seconds to reveal an accurate EKG on launching the app and placing your fingers atop the device. This FDA approved device can both spot atrial fibrillation and safely monitor normal heart rhythm in an accurate manner without burning a hole in your wallet.


  • Heart Check Pen

This compact EKG monitor is accompanied with a small LCD screen which reveals the battery life along with the ECG. Its pen like design adds to the level of portability. You just need to turn it on and hold it using both your hands for 30 seconds to get the results. You can save the data by pressing OK once the measurement is over.

A small database consisting of 20 heart rhythms is created by this unit for being uploaded into your PC. A free GEMS Home software accompanying the heart Check Pen assists with all the uploads so that you can transmit the data over to the physician. The portable unit comes backed with a manufacturer warranty covering 3-months to keep you buffered in case of defects.


  • Contec PM10

A 1.77-inch TFT display allows this portable EKG machine is showing data pertaining to pulse beat, battery life and time in full colour. A handheld design attaches greater convenience of use to this FDA-certified model. You can get the results within just 10 seconds after placing this device against your leg, heart or forearm. Alternatively, you can simply hold it in your hands.

Contec PM10 offers its users with the option of uploading all the recordings to its dedicated cloud platform for a detailed analysis and check-up. Its LCD screen retains the readability even in low light scenarios making it ideal for hospitals. Intelligent design of the monitor makes it very easy to use while the Bluetooth connectivity further adds to its versatility quotient.


  • Emay EMG-10

The final contender of our list is a portable device which can help you in getting quick readings even on the go. In spite of having a compact build, its 1.77-inch display shows heartbeats, ECG waveforms, readout time and battery life.

This monitor can even serve amateur users without any prior experience. You just need to bring your hands in contact with the metal plates after turning on the device and wait for about 30 seconds. A standout feature of this device is that it can spot 12 different heart conditions.


Final Words

If you have a history of heart complications, then the portable EKG devices can serve as your ideal companion. They can help in keeping track over your cardiac activities without having to shell out heavy sums on hospital visits. However, it is always advisable to seek out the advice of a healthcare expert in case of further concerns.




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