Training Your Mind: 7 Apps For High School And College Students

Modern curricula in schools and colleges are rather demanding. Students have to balance their studies, extracurriculars, and personal life. Such a busy and rapid lifestyle often becomes a source of stress and anxiety. To deal with extra pressure, students need to develop mental strength and cognitive skills.

The good news is that you can train your mind just like a muscle. It is attributed to brain plasticity, which is the ability of neurons to form new connections. Therefore, to get a sharper mind, you need to practice tasks that stimulate different areas of your brain. There is a number of smart apps that can enhance your psychological health and cognitive abilities. They were scientifically designed to improve your memory, attention, speed of processing, and pattern recognition. As a result, you become more stress-resilient as you can cope with assignments with less effort. Here is the list of effective apps that can train your mind and help you perform better at school.



Calm is a great tool that can enhance the quality of your sleep and overall mindfulness. It teaches you how to meditate before going to bed to have better rest and be more refreshed in the morning. The app features relaxing music, recommendations on mindful movement, self-compassion practices, and pleasant scenes. Daily “me time” in the app is a perfect way to maintain mental fitness. As the results of a randomized controlled trial show, the majority of participants in the intervention group confirm the efficacy of Calm for reducing stress among college students. Besides, it is recognized as the world’s happiest app by the Center for Humane Technology, which is one more reason to try it out.



This app offers personalized mind training. Elevate has more than 35 games to hone your mind and increase self-confidence. Yet, you can choose the options that interest you most to focus on specifically. The app is not limited to one skill or subject area. In contrast, you get games that target various skills: from your math and writing to listening and reading. As the app developers state, the users of Elevate increase their cognitive performance by 69%. You can maximize your learning potential and improve your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills when dealing with challenges and riddles in the app.



Headspace offers guided meditations that match any mood and goals. If you practice it daily, you will find peace of mind and become more relaxed. The practice of meditation impacts your mental health as you become more attentive and focused. The app also encourages you to complement mental practices with physical exercises to have better results. Headspace helps you to manage thoughts and feelings and to stop stressing over minor mundane issues. For example, if you have a couple of urgent papers to submit, you can always find professional academic writers on a writing help EssayService platform. Maintaining mental wellness is much more important than any other tasks as it allows you to make the most of your college experience.  


Left vs Right: Brain Games

This is another brain training app with an impressive list of games. It offers 51 games in total. These options are grouped into 6 categories, including awareness, precision, reasoning, patience, adaptability, and reflex. The free version allows you to choose three of the categories for daily practice. Monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions guarantee unlimited access to all categories and games. Besides, they also provide some extra options and analytics for premium accounts. The difficulty level of the app is suitable for beginners. Games are challenging enough to keep you interested and motivated to continue your progress.



If you stimulate your brain consistently, it can boost your intellectual wellness. Lumosity can help you with it. The app offers scientifically-validated assignments that are both fun and insightful. The tasks are focused on enhancing your flexibility, problem-solving capacity, and attention, among other skills. Lumosity will adjust the training calendar according to your needs and expectations. The app is a good example of the gamification of education because it turns scientifically-proven practices into games. This approach is suitable for wide sections of the population and especially for students. Besides, the Lumosity team promotes mindfulness and relaxation as the core of your general well-being.



The main focus of Mindshine is on productivity and confidence. The app emphasizes the importance of mental fitness for leading a happy life. It takes the best values of positive psychology and leadership training to develop self-care techniques that will suit everyone. Aside from brain games, there are different exercises that target specific skills. For example, student-athletes can benefit from compelling personal training on confidence. Students can also explore emotional intelligence, inner peace, and other useful topics through exercises and meditations. The app does not require you to spend a lot of time. Only 10 minutes a day can make a difference.



This app has a collection of 30 exercises that can help you reach your potential. The main advantage of NeuroNation is a scientific approach and an individualized training program. The team collaborates with leading universities and research centers to ensure that their app combines the best method and techniques. What benefits does the app bring? In the first place, it improves your memory, attention, and analytical thinking. Yet, in the long run, daily practice can help you to perform better and increase the quality of life.



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