8 Signs That Your Parents Need Memory Care

It may be tough to accept that your ageing parents need memory care. From difficulty remembering names to a messy house, several red flags indicate the need to move to an elder care home.

Your parents may not realize that they need memory care, so it is up to you to identify the situation and move forward. Something that seems unusual to you might be an issue they face every day, but there is no way to know besides monitoring them. Here are some things you can lookout for a while trying to decide if they need help.


Recent Medical Scare

If your loved one recently fell or had an accident, it might be one of the most dangerous things that could happen while living alone. At times like these, they need to be around people to ensure that they receive attention immediately. Retirement homes like Sagecare that provide specialized care for seniors with dementia in a home-like environment could be suitable.

It’s normal to feel worried about moving your parents into a random place. But, a care home that deals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a suitable place for your parents if they require memory care. Since the nurses at the residence specialize in such care, your parents will be in good hands.


Forgetting the Basics

From remembering the current date to taking medication, a senior with memory problems might have difficulty with many tasks. If your parents forget fundamental things such as the names of people, the date, or losing items such as their keys, it is an alarming sign for your family.

Forgetting one or two things is normal and can happen to anybody. But, a steady stream of forgetful activities that could eventually harm your parents is something to take seriously. They may end up taking the same medication too many times, or not at all, potentially worsening their health condition.


No Attention to Personal Hygiene

Your parents might be forgetting to shower or might not have the energy for it. Similarly, they may wear the same clothes for a few days in a row or forget to brush their teeth. Either they fail to complete the tasks or thought they already did it. Either way, this is a concern that you should address since  personal hygiene  is essential for a healthy life.


Poor Home Maintenance

Similar to personal hygiene, your parents may forget to clean their home. This could happen because they forgot or due to a lack of interest. Loss in the interest in basic chores that they gladly did before could be a sign of depression or dementia.

Your parents may also be feeling weak, resulting in a lack of motivation to walk around and clean. Living in a retirement home can help them rest, eliminating the need to clean an entire house.


Change in Mood and Energy

Everyone sees changes in their mood now and then. No one can be happy all the time. However, if you see a difference in your parent’s mood that keeps getting worse, it may be a sign of more severe problems. If they have lost interest in their hobbies, it could be a sign of depression or other health concerns. Living alone in a condition like that could be harmful to their mental and physical health.


Drastic Weight Loss

Although many individuals lose weight at an old age, it may be worth looking into if your parents suddenly dropped a lot of pounds.  Sudden weight loss  could happen if they have difficulty cooking due to lack of energy, inability to read labels, or grocery shopping. They may also have a lack of taste or social or underlying health conditions.

If your parents suddenly look thinner or weaker, spend a few days with them to see what they are cooking or eating, and this may help you understand what is going on.


Missing Bills and Appointments

If you visit your parents and discovered unopened mail about bounced checks, or unattended calls on their phone log, it might be concerning. Some seniors have trouble maintain their finances after a particular age, while others face difficulty if they need memory care. Whatever the reason may be, you will have to take over and help them with the process.

You can consider helping them move to a retirement home with high levels of nursing care and change the address for the bills to your home. It will be easier for your parents to keep their finances in check if you help them out.


Less Social Interactions

Your parents might stop visiting you or others if they are experiencing health problems. They may face difficulty getting ready, finding their way to the place, or the motivation to get out of their home. All of these issues are essential things to keep an eye on.

They may feel lonely but might also hide that because they don’t want to burden their children. Some parents automatically assume that their health problems will be troublesome.

If you notice any of the signs above, it may be time to speak to your parents about moving into a specialized care residence. They can receive the care and attention they need, while you can rest assured.




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