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How To Maintain A Healthy Brain As You Age

Staying healthy as you get older is as much about mental health as it is about physical. A sharp, healthy mind can play as much of a role in a person’s quality of life as their mobility and general physical well-being. Often the two go hand-in-hand.

5 Alternatives That May Help Improve Mental Performance

There are several ways of enhancing your mental performance. They can range from alternative herbal remedies to holistic lifestyle changes. These alternatives methods not only help you improve your cognitive abilities, but it’ll also ensure a calm mind that can be focused efficiently on tasks.

Importance of Your Intellectual Wellness And 7 Ways To Improve It

Intellectual wellness refers to a person’s ability to welcome new ideas and experiences and apply them to personal decisions, interaction with others, and the overall society. It describes one’s willingness to learn new concepts, enhance their knowledge, and challenge their skill. Through intellectual wellness, a person participates actively in cultural, educational, and community activities. Most […]

Training Your Mind: 7 Apps For High School And College Students

Modern curricula in schools and colleges are rather demanding. Students have to balance their studies, extracurriculars, and personal life. Such a busy and rapid lifestyle often becomes a source of stress and anxiety. To deal with extra pressure, students need to develop mental strength and cognitive skills.

Rethink And Remember: Helpful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

A sharp memory is the result of a healthy brain. Whether you’re a college student wanting to ace the exams, a professional required to be mentally active, or an elder planning to maintain your mental health, a sharp memory is necessary to achieve these goals.

Prepping Your Home And Heart To Welcome A Senior Parent

With the Baby Boomers rapidly aging into their golden years, more and more families are dealing with parents that can no longer live independently. Retirement or assisted living facilities can be expensive and a harsh change that many families and seniors would rather avoid.

How to Handle Estate Planning for the Elderly with Dementia

Dementia is a disease that slowly degrades the mental functions and capacity of its victims. Persons with dementia do not only suffer short-and-long term memory loss; they also lose the ability to reason, understand, and carry out basic mental operations. It is a difficult condition to live with because it comes on slowly and the […]

Doctor checking blood pressure of a patient

Study Links Aortic Stiffness With Lower Cerebral Blood Flow

Heart and cardiovascular problems are critical medical issues because everything the human body needs blood, and the oxygen that blood carries, to properly function. New research out of Vanderbilt University Medical Center has linked stiffening aortas to reduced blood flow through the brain’s cerebral blood vessels. It is thought this may play a role in […]

Liver Disease Drug Could Help Restore Cells Damaged by Alzheimer’s

A drug that is currently treating liver disease and has been for decades may also help those with Alzheimer’s. Sporadic and familial Alzheimer’s is known to be caused by a mitochondrial dysfunction, prior to the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. The mitochondria of the cell is often referred to as the powerhouse of the cell as […]

Could Different Cultures Teach Us Something About Dementia?

Dementia is a scary diagnosis.   Losing the ability to remember how to do everyday tasks, who people are and what you just did seems daunting and frightening.   In America we prize independence to the point that a Dementia diagnosis seems shameful like something you should hide.   But this attitude may be more […]