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People With Dementia and Financial Abuse – The Warning Signs and How To Avoid It

Money depends on precision; on exact amounts being paid by specific times, often in specific ways. Dementia patients can be stumped by these tasks.  Financial management can be one of the first things to deteriorate in people with dementia. People with dementia struggle to count change. Have trouble operating ATM machines. Are often confused when […]

Study Finds Greater Public Awareness Still Needed About Dementia

One of the problems with Dementia is lack of public awareness of the truth about it. This stands as a great impediment to helping individuals with dementia as it impedes understanding and finding out solutions to this issue. A study done by the lead researcher Monica Cations in associations with Flinders University in South Australia […]

Eye Conditions Provide New Lens Screening for Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognitive disorders are on the rise, and one of the problems with them is how difficult they can be to diagnose early. Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t yet have an effective treatment, but doctors can help ease some early symptoms, or even help patients manage risk factors, if the condition can be detected at an early stage […]

Intensive Blood Pressure Control Reduces Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Medical research has uncovered a connection between hypertension and some forms of dementia. Some patients with mild cognitive impairment saw a very significant improvement in their cognitive symptoms when their doctors pursued aggressive measures in lowering the patient’s blood pressure. This is the first evidence that makes this connection. The study looked at a random […]

Home Safety Checklist for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other forms of cognitive decline, can cause a person to be disoriented, confused, lost, and a danger to themselves. It is vital to secure your home and protect those living there who may have any cognitive impairments to make them more comfortable. There are a few steps you can take […]

Brain Study Paves Way for Therapy for Common Cause of Dementia

As people live longer thanks to modern medical science, that same long life is leaving them around long enough for diseases and conditions to develop that once they would have passed on prior to succumbing to. Dementia is a key disease for the elderly, robbing patients of their mental faculties and the ability to function […]

What Not to Say to Somebody With Dementia

While there are few serious medical or health problems we would treat lightly, for many the most terrifying are those involving loss of cognition. Dementia and other cognitive disorders impact the mind’s ability to function normally. They rob us of our memory, and even our most basic human skills. For someone living with dementia, it […]

Sleep Disorder Linked With Changes to Brain Structure Typical of Dementia

Australian medical researchers have uncovered a link between the risk of developing dementia and whether or not a person has obstructive sleep apnea. This is both good and bad news, since it puts some people at higher risk for a cognitive disorder; but good news, since there are treatments that can reduce or eliminate the […]

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a broad way to describe a whole host of more specific cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease or the various neurological issues that can arise following a cardiovascular stroke incident. It can also refer to an overall general decline in mental acuity and abilities. Dementia doesn’t have to come from a specific trauma […]

‘Skinny Fat’ In Older Adults May Predict Dementia, Alzheimer’s Risk

Some adults, including the elderly, have a condition doctors refer to as skinny fat. This is when muscle mass is reduced compared to what might be normal for that person. Many adults, as they age, will begin to lose muscle tone as their bodies deteriorate; and this process can accelerate if they do not maintain […]