5 Breakfast Recipes for Healthy Mornings

A survey  by Statistic Brain Research Institute says as many as 93% of Americans believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Still, only 44% have it every day. This means over 56% of them skip their breakfast.

Skipping breakfast itself is unhealthy, yet 22% of skippers are reported to be obese which is a grave concern.

People tend to  have different reasons why they skip the most important meal of the day. We call it ‘Most important’ because we hit the dining table roughly after 10 hours of break. And we have to restore our energies back to manage our day.


Key Points:

    • 1Females and young females often skip it because they think getting ready for work and grooming themselves is more important than breakfast. Rest, secretly do it to keep a tab on their weight.
    • 2Same old cereals and egg delicacies in daily breakfast is also a deterrent for most.
    • 3A lot of it has to do with modern-day lifestyle too, which has made our lives faster than ever. As a result, we fail to identify what is more significant.


Though it’s difficult to change ourselves but it’s relatively easier to change our breakfast menu.

Try these healthy breakfast recipes from Tesco which are illustrated through this wonderful infographic.

I’m sure you’ll think twice of skipping your breakfast after trying these wonderful preparations which are not only good in taste but extremely healthy too —

Provided by — Superfoods & Chococraft team.


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