6 Tips on Managing Distractions While Driving if You Have ADHD

Distracted driving, although common in the United States, is frowned upon, but there are people who just can’t help it.

Drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are constantly at the disadvantage throughout their motoring lives. Their condition renders them impatient and restless by nature, making it more difficult to develop the ideal qualities expected of a responsible road user, especially when sitting behind the wheel.

Motorists with ADHD are more likely to get lost in thought, to use a cell phone, and to do the other fatal causes of distracted driving, as pointed out in an infographic by our friends at  Carsurance.

In addition to being more prone to car crashes, these individuals are about 200% as likely as ordinary motorists to lose their driving privilege because of their inherent careless behavior on the road.

If you live with ADHD, you can still obtain your license and avoid traffic violations if you can manage distractions more effectively. Here are the best things you can do to become a safe driver:

  1. Master Defensive Driving

Attend several defensive driving courses to discover how to observe mindfulness at all times while steering a vehicle. Vigilance is one of the virtues you will also learn and appreciate in these classes. Furthermore, defensive driving programs teach participants how to not only remain focus on their own driving, but also stay wary of other road users who can just be as distracted.

  1. Make Adjustments A Part Of Your Pre-Driving Ritual

Make it a habit to ensure that everything is right before hitting the road. If this is part of your pre-driving routine, the fewer distractions you will have to contend with while your vehicle is in motion.

  1. Do Not Use Hands-Free Tech

Hands-free devices create an illusion that you are free from distraction because none of your hands have to get off the wheel while using them. But even if you can communicate with your electronics through voice commands, it is imperative to never use them at all as you navigate the traffic. Anything that you can do with your smartphone can distract you mentally, so train yourself to fight the urge to text, call or search without pulling over to a safe spot first.

  1. Listen To Music (Only If It Helps)

Ideally, you should not turn your radio on or play music while driving because it can impair your sense of hearing and affect your concentration. But if the sound can actually help you stay alert, then use it to your advantage. Curate the songs that you actually enjoy and create a playlist, so you do not have to find the tracks that you like in the music library. If you love tuning into the radio, stick to one station the whole time.

  1. Take Advantage Of Cruise Control

Drive a vehicle with a cruise control system. This feature can help you maintain a proper speed with less effort, which serves as an additional measure of road safety.

  1. Choose Your Driving Companions Carefully

If you are going to drive with someone else, ask the person to stay quiet to avoid disturbing you. Better yet, travel on your own if the passenger is more of an unwanted distraction than a helpful companion.

Nobody knows yourself better than you, so make every extra effort to keep yourself in check. With your ADHD, you owe your fellow road users to stay motivated to never stop training yourself to be a safe driver.


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