Physical Fitness In A Pandemic: Extended Reality Sports

The pandemic has impacted every part of our lives, including our ability to get sufficient exercise. Gyms have mostly been shuttered in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and in-person sports have also been suspended in many cases out of concern for the close proximity of the players. Home exercise equipment sales have skyrocketed, and that has included a rise in popularity of extended reality sports.

The World Health Organization has recommended people get daily physical activity, as we are not doing the things we would ordinarily do to keep active, like walking up the stairs in an office, walking from the parking lot, getting up to go to the conference room, and more. Our lives have become increasingly sedentary. More people are walking their dogs, riding bikes, and running in their spare time, but for the people who need the competition of in-person sports, there is a greater challenge for keeping fit.

Fortunately advances in virtual and augmented reality technology in recent years have made the transition to competitive extended reality sports possible. With a simple VR headset you can enjoy games like Beat Saber and The Climb which simulate an exercise environment right in your own home.

Extended reality technologies, which include both virtual reality and augmented reality, have given people the ability to play competitive sports while still maintaining social distancing. As the country begins to open back up and in-person sports are still deemed too unsafe, extended reality sporting centers will give people a place to go play realistic sports with real equipment from the safety of a closed pod. What’s more, these games will provide the opportunity for competition with others from other cities and states right along with a leaderboard to show who’s winning.

Learn more about how extended reality sports can help get people moving and involved with competition in a healthy way from the infographic below.


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