Podcasts To Keep You Relaxed During COVID-19

COVID-19, sheltering in place and self-isolation have thrown off many of our daily routines and has left a lot of us with strong feelings of uncertainty and stress. Many activities are out there to help us manage this stress and make us feel calmer, including podcasts. This list contains awesome podcasts that can keep your mind off of the scary news and current events that are circulating the world. Whether you’re in the car or just at home, there are plenty of podcasts on this list with different genres so there’s something for everyone!  

Thanks to today’s easy access to the internet and applications, we no longer have to rely on the radio or CD players to listen to something that we like. Instead of scrolling through playlists on your phone just to find music you’ve already listened to on repeat or have heard before, take this time to explore something new, such as podcasts! These are so perfect when you’re faced with a lot of time to kill in the car or if you just want to sit back and tune out the COVID-19 craziness. Podcasts can teach you something that you’ve never known before and leave you feeling clever. They can even leave you feeling de-stressed in the process.  

If podcasts are super new to you and you don’t know where to start when picking a podcast, don’t worry! This list that you are being provided with will help you find the right podcast for you and will make figuring out this new territory easier. Whether you’re stuck at home or planning for your next road trip adventure to get out of the house, we’ve put together the best podcasts together all with different genres including educational, well-being and professional podcasts – because mental health during this time is important!  


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Self Help Podcasts.

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Personal Growth Podcasts.

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Professional Growth Podcasts.


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