What Cycling is All About?

Tour de France is usually one of the first things people think about when cycling is mentioned. However, cycling is everybody’s business and it goes beyond elite cycling. By estimation, over two billion people ride bicycles, and the number could rise to five billion by 2050.

The ever exciting changes in cycling world with new innovations and inventions cropping up regardless of their controversies keep popularizing the activity. Back then in the 19th century we had draisines later replaced by velocipedes, and today we have modern e-bikes and smart turbos. With major brands alluding to the need for products that cover all bases, the cycling evolution isn’t over yet.

Bicycling is not only fun, but it’s also a cheap and low impact exercise that cuts across all ages and keeps you fit and healthy. All you need is to find a good bike, and I highly suggest you check out online vendors like Backcountry where you can get them for very low prices, with the right discount.

Cycling is one of the total body workouts that lowers the heart rate, improves blood flow, and burns calories. It also reduces risk of getting heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and becoming obese.

For those of you concerned about global warming, cycling is the coolest way to go about combating it. The popular assumption is that most people who try it do end up enjoying the experience and can’t seem to stop riding bicycles.

The joy of biking could be the main determinant coupled with the fact that you can’t get caught up in traffic, it’s easy to make friends with other cyclists, and parking space for bicycles is in plenty. Planning on biking now? Remember to drink water before, during, and after the exercise; refuel your body with electrolytes, carbs, and proteins within an hour.

The biking evolution is still going on and it isn’t about to stop anytime soon. Expect to see more mind blowing inventions and innovations on the market just like the disc brake revolution. Find out more about cycling in the infographic below. It provides more information on the cycling history, facts and stats, different types of bikes, foods to eat and benefits etc.


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