How to Have the Arteries of a 20-Year-Old When You’re 70

How to Have the Arteries of a 20-Year-Old When You’re 70

Vascular structure damage is not necessarily inevitable. There are several key daily habits that western society can practice to have arteries of a young healthy twenty year old well into old age. Not smoking, eating healthy, staying active, and keeping blood pressure are just a few quick and easy things each of us can do in order to stay healthy.

When researchers from Boston Medical group looked at adults, both men and women from age 50-79 they noticed that not everyone had arteries of a 50-79 year old. Women and those that maintained a somewhat healthy lifestyle appeared to have arteries similar to those 20 years younger. In the past, doctors believed that nothing could stop degenerative arteries and the building of plaque which can lead to heart attacks; but looking at some of these participants we see that someone in their 70s appears to have arteries of a 20 year old.

This is encouraging because when you live your life keeping a healthy life style, avoiding sugar, keeping low cholesterol in mind and having good weight control we see that plaque and old arteries can be avoided. There is not a drastic change required to be successful. Eating somewhat healthy while avoiding the constant pursuit of sugar is a great start. Throw in a couple of walks and a workout and you too could have young veins when you are 70!

Key Points:

  • 1This study looked at the veins of healthy people and found that high blood pressure is not inevitable as you get older.
  • 2Lifestyle factors are more important to blood vessels than genetics or age.
  • 3Get started: go for a walk; skip dessert; don’t smoke.

“What I learned from this study is that it has always been assumed everyone will develop high blood pressure and have some degree of age-related vascular health problems,” Becker said. “This study suggests otherwise.”

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