Regenerative Medicine is Continuing to Shine, Podiatrists are Finding it Beneficial

Regenerative Medicine is Continuing to Shine, Podiatrists are Finding it Beneficial

Regenerative medicine deals with tissue engineering tissues and molecular biology. In a nutshell, it is the process of replacing the cells in the body that are known as “regenerating” human cells. It is unlocking the regenerative capabilities of the human body. When your cells are no longer functioning as they should, adding new cells can stimulate the repair mechanisms of the body. This process aids in growing back tissues or complete muscles lost due to injury or illness.

The function of the particular medicine is to replace the damaged cells by newer and younger cells. This plays a role in encouraging the body to heal itself. So, in this way, it contributes to better and advanced recovery for a patient suffering from trauma, illness, or any other serious injury.

Phoenician Foot and Ankle Specialists, a Podiatry clinic located in Scottsdale, AZ and owned by Dr. Nima Sana uses regenerative medicine frequently to treat patients for sports injuries and many other common ailments. Numerous studies and Dr. Sana reveal that regenerative medicine can sometimes replace damaged tissues and muscles without the need for surgery. Plus, this treatment can be useful for curing patients suffering from “plantar fasciitis,” “Achilles tendinitis,” and other conditions of the feet and ankles.


What’s the reason for opting to use regenerative medicine?


Doctors are using regenerative medicines because it reduces the need for surgery, and the treatments are becoming more and more effective. As a result, it reduces the cost of the operation, and it allows for faster and more effective healing, allowing the patient to return to regular activity quickly. Insurance companies, doctors and patients always want to avoid surgery if possible, and if there are other options that are just as effective and cost less, those options will almost always b