Dealing With Wandering Thoughts During Retirement

Retirement often represents certain difficulties. With all that free time, there may be a tendency to let ones thoughts carry them away into unnecessary stress and anxiety.

As usual, the first step to a solution is recognizing the problem. This means that we must be as aware as possible of our thought processes and patterns. Being aware when we slip into a negative mode of thought increases objectivity, and makes room for more positive thoughts.

Pay close attention to the forms of entertainment you choose as well, is it something that will encourage positive and productive thoughts? Perhaps listening to up-beat music, or watching a light-hearted movie might help quell the more negative thought patterns.

Retiring can often make personal interaction a much rarer commodity. Personal interaction is not only a welcome distraction, but allows us to consider other points of view that may help us keep our more problematic thought patterns in check.

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Dealing With Wandering Thoughts During Retirement


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