Radio talk show host Dennis Prager often shares with his audience something his mother used to tell him, which went something like, “The happiest people I know are the ones I haven’t met yet.” This means that we all have problems, even the people who seem like they don’t. 

In our culture, which glorifies physical perfection and sex appeal to a huge degree, this is really important. It’s easy to look at movie stars, models, pro athletes and other celebrities and think less of ourselves. Instead of drawing inspiration from these people, we end up resenting them and feeling insecure.

I’ve been blessed to have a wife who understands and supports my not-so-normal career. I’ve traveled the world alone with beautiful models and appeared in magazines, television shows, and movies with more beautiful women, so needless to say she’s had her fair share of pressure and insecurity.

The following chapter is taken from my book, Spiritually Fit:
Doing It for the Right Reasons: The Story of Anita Bartram

You get to pick up my book whenever you want to, but my beautiful wife Anita has to live with me all the time! My ’round-the-clock involvement in the fitness industry has created some extra pressures for the people who are closest to me, and they’ve had to work a little harder to figure out why it’s really good for them to exercise and eat right. But I’ll let Anita tell you all about it herself:

“Just because I’m married to the guy who wrote this book doesn’t mean that keeping fit is any easier for me. In fact, it can be even harder sometimes. “Some of the people Clark runs into in his line of work can be pretty superficial, and for some reason they hold me to a higher standard. They have this preconceived notion that I must be this perfect, flawless creature, and I often find myself thinking that I’m supposed to live up to their false standards.” And then there are all the women Clark works with. I admit I have a hard time with that sometimes. Not because I don’t trust Clark, but because I tend to compare myself to the “perfect” images these girls convey in their photographs. That can be a lot of pressure!
”To top it all off, I seem to be a living example of the scripture that says familiarity breeds contempt. I know Clark’s an expert who