Decide What You Want

Decide What You Want

Often the difference between people who do and people who don’t is just a decision. I’ve heard it said and it’s true, “the decisions you make today will determine the circumstances of the rest of your life.” So let’s improve your decision-making power!

Every day, we’re presented with two choices—the right one and the wrong one. It’s that simple. Think about food, for example. Convenience, cost, availability, and enjoyment all come into play when we make a wrong choice by hitting the drive-thru.

With sex, another biggie, excitement, living on the edge, newness and self-gratification all come into play. Laziness, procrastination, and rationalizing are all excuses when it comes to your fitness choices. Ignorance, instant gratification, and “keeping up with the Jones’” are some reasons we get into financial trouble.

All of those are DECISIONS that could have been easily counteracted by the opposite choice.

  • Delayed gratification can help keep you out of debt
  • Being prepared can circumvent convenience when it comes to food choices
  • Esteeming others above yourself will keep you from cheating
  • Deciding once and for all that a fitness lifestyle is required for a productive life will overcome laziness and procrastination

When you understand the true power that lies in the results of your positive decisions, making the right choices becomes a much easier process.

Do yourself a favor: Don’t beat yourself up every time you make a bad choice. Just come to terms with it and move on to better decisions.

And most of all, be patient with yourself. I remember once trying to figure out some fitness materials that were way over my head at the time. I was getting very frustrated because I just couldn’t get it.

I decided to pick up the phone and call the author, and much to my surprise he answered my call. When I told him that I was having trouble understanding the material, his immediate response was, “Just relax Clark, we learn in layers.” That told me I wasn’t as stupid as I thought I was, and made me feel more confident that one day I would get a fuller understanding of what I was trying to learn. And sure enough, about three months later the information suddenly made sense as I was working with a personal training client. The new context helped me achieve a new “layer” of understanding.

And it’s no different with what we’re trying to accomplish here. You are 100% capable of making the right decisions and achieving success in every area of your life—faith, finances, family and fitness.

Results come to different people at different times, as long as they don’t get frustrated an