I have to admit, my area of focus in life hasn’t been learning what makes my computer work. I just turn it on and get going. When I have an IT issue, I call my computer guy, Mark. As they say, “let the baker bake the bread.” Computers are his thing, not mine, so I’ve learned to defer to his expertise in all things high-tech.

Once I explain to Mark what’s going on, the first thing he usually asks me is, “When was the last time you re-booted”? My typical response is, “I dunno.” He laughs and tells me to re-boot and call him back, and seven out of ten times it fixes the problem.

My point with this story is that we can usually fix our own life issues if we re-boot our minds. We need to shut down the system, clear it of any bugs, and start it again clean. Our minds are AMAZING, but just like cars or computers they need preventive maintenance from time to time.

Here’s how the process of re-booting your mind works, at least as far as I see it.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to achieve. Do you want bigger muscles or a slimmer waist? Do you want to eat better? Do you want to be a more loving wife or husband? Write everything down.

When you have your list of goals in front of you, select the two or three that are most important to you. Write down an affirmation for each of these goals. An affirmation is a simple statement that creates a vivid picture of a goal in your mind, as if it’s already been achieved.

Your affirmations should be as specific as possible, and should be in the present, not future, tense. To be effective, each one of your affirmations should meet these five criteria:

  1. Starts with “I am”
  2. Is short and specific
  3. Is positive (the mind doesn’t respond to words
like don’t, not, no, etc.)
  4. Includes an action word ending in “ing”
  5. Includes a word that describes how you feel about reaching your goal


Here are some examples of affirmations as they relate to people who want to be fit:

  • I am 130 pounds and am excited to be wearing size 6 dresses!
  • I am energetic from eating only fresh, whole foods to nourish my body
  • I am proudly completing my daily gym workout
  • I am calmly and contemplatively doing something to grow each day
  • I experience love and practice forgiveness while I relate to others

Keep your list of affirmations with you at all times and say each affirmation OUT LOUD as many times a day as you can to help your mind believe in your new reality.

As you say each affirmation OUT LOUD, create a corresponding visual picture in your mind. See yourself as healthy, fit, attractive, and loving. See yourself with bigger muscles or a slimmer waist. See yourself making smart nutrition choices. And always remember to consider how the accomplishment of your specific goals makes you feel. This affirmation exercise is probably the most important thing you can do if you’re serious about