Success Leaves Clues, But So Does Failure

Success Leaves Clues, But So Does Failure

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins is known for saying, “success leaves clues”, and I totally believe and subscribe to that, however I think he should add…”and so does failure”.

We know that we learn from our mistakes mainly because there was some negative effect in the wake of that bad decision, and fitness is no exception to that rule.

We see both the positive and negative effects of the things we eat, the frequency or infrequency of our workouts and all of that. So, what I want you to consider today is simply, what kind of clues have you left behind since you embarked on your fitness regimen?

This is why I highly recommend that my clients journal everything they eat, because the evidence of WHY the program is working or not is easily identified by looking back on that journal. There have been studies done at Harvard University that have proven that results will increase, in weight loss programs, if the participant journals along the way.

Personally, I don’t need any study to understand how effective documenting your journey can be, it’s always there to refer back to or open your eyes to what is happening in reality.

So many people I have consulted with have said, “I’m eating right and not seeing results”. That is until they go back to see the clues that were left behind in their journal about what exactly went into their mouth.

Too often we consume empty calories in sugary drinks, and eating mindlessly in front of the television and don’t often realize that we are consuming so many wasted and useless calories that have to manifest themselves somewhere someday, and that usually comes in the form of weight or inches gained.

People wonder why I invest so much time training people’s minds instead of their muscles and the answer is really simple honestly. Like I said in other articles, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”, but even more importantly, it’s the most powerful tool you have available as it relates to fitness, family, finances, faith or any endeavor worth pursuing.

As we end our time together today I will ask you to play Sherlock Holmes and start looking at the clues that are being left in the wake of your daily activities and determine for yourself whether they are conducive or detrimental to your m