Our brains produce as many as fifty thousand thoughts per day according to the National Science Foundation. I’ve read other papers that suggest that we have even more—up to seventy thousand thoughts a day. The fact is you have unlimited ability to CHOOSE your thoughts regardless how many there are. You have the ability to choose to allow negative self-talk to hinder your progress or allow positive thoughts to help you in your journey. You can have good thoughts or bad thoughts. You can think good words or bad words. You can be positive or negative. There is no in between. There isn’t.

I think it’s important that you understand why I chose to discuss negative self-talk again in this article and others. It’s pretty simple, to be honest: if there were one area that you want to review and take to another level, this is it. Negative self-talk can ruin all of your efforts if you are not constantly working to improve the things you say out loud and in your head. You honestly sabotage all the work you are doing on all aspects of your life, in my opinion.

Let’s just look at the last twenty-four hours. If you made a pie chart, how much of that pie was consumed by negative self-talk like, “I’m fat,”“I’ll never lose weight,”“I’m wasting my time with all this physical fitness stuff,” “I hate my hair,” and “I have no energy”? Be honest. And how much was positive?

Most likely, if your like most, you still have some work to do, and that’s okay. “It ain’t easy, but it’s simple” is what I always say. I understand that changing your thoughts can be hard, but when you realize that it’s up to you and that all you need to do is take control of the thoughts you are having, that’s when it becomes simple. The minute you notice an unloving, unkind thought enter your mind, you just bring that thought back in as quickly as possible like a shepherd herding sheep and correct it to the thought you want. The thing is your thoughts should be your best friend, not your enemy. It’s your birthright to live fully and freely, not captive to your negative self-talk and negative emotions that result from it.

So what I want you to do today is simply be aware of your thoughts and consciously herd any negative thoughts back in. Don’t judge, don’t get down on yourself, and don’t be angry. Just relax. The change will happen gradually, and just realize that what you are thinking and saying right now is creating your future. We learn in layers, and this is just another layer in creating a better you.

Negative thoughts cause stress, stress causes a rise in the stress hormone cortisol, that hormone can have you holding on to unwanted body fat, so do yourself a favor today and Renew your mind and watch and see wha