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What Kind of Groats are the Healthiest?

What are groats?  Groats are hulled or crushed grains of oats, wheat or other cereals. The healthiest of groats is quinoa. Because it contains high quality proteins and fats that include mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are very beneficial for health .  You can also find multiple vitamins within it including B1, B2 and […]

What Do the Longest Living People Eat?

Medical dietary advice consistently suggests selecting foods that are nutrient rich but calorie poor. That can be difficult with modern food manufacturers eternally seeking to load fats and sugars into their offerings to increase taste and satisfaction. Many people who go on a healthy eating regime turn to vegetables. And there is medical research to […]

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What To Know Before You Go Vegetarian Or Vegan

Vegetarian diets have been praised recently as the pinnacle of health. They offer many benefits to those who abide by their rules, but they are not for everyone. Vegetarian does not necessarily equal healthier, and each body is different and requires different things. There are important factors to consider when deciding which diet is correct […]

A Forgotten Ancient Grain That Could Help Africa Prosper | Pierre Thiam

Pierre Thiam is a New York City chef born in Senegal. While spending his time in the city, he came to realize that there are no African restaurants. This realization made him think back to Senegal, return home to explore the foods and area, and find out what was going on. Senegal happens to have […]

‘I Gave Up Sugar For A Month And Here’s What Happened’

There are a ton of diets out there: no dairy, no gluten, no carbs, no sugar, no fat…. This dietician wanted to eliminate all added in sugar, not the sugar naturally found in fruits, vegetables, grains or dairy.  She went into this thinking it would be easy since she generally is a salt craver not […]

Why All the GMO Fuss?

Carcinogenic In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Glyphosate as a category 2a. This means that they found through test