The Importance Of Immunization

The Importance Of Immunization

The importance of immunization in this country is becoming a more commonly asked about subject as the media paints the picture of an overly healthy country. There has been a flaunting of the strength of vaccines by the media and thanks to this flaunting most of the populace has developed false impressions about immunization.

They hold immunization responsible for eradicating some diseases making people think it is safe to not need to take immunization treatments, but at the same time the media makes a huge note to people to make sure to vaccinate their kids, themselves, and the elderly.

Down but not out

Despite how the media is portraying immunization as having already beat back disease, it is still very important for people to regularly obtain it immunizations or risk the chance of catching something nasty. This is because many of the diseases that immunizations are created for have become extremely rare in our country. While the rarity is due to the strength of, and regular injection of, immunizations it is important to note that many diseases are still lingering: They have simply became scarce.

Keeping disease suppressed until beaten

The simple fact of the matter about why it is stressed for people to continue getting immunizations is it keeps the spread of disease at bay. A lot of the more serious diseases have seen a fall off of episodes as more and more people became immune, but beating back disease to the point we have is not enough.

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Although there are only a handful of cases surrounding the more serious diseases each year, if people were to start to ignore immunizations these diseases would be guaranteed to spread right back out into the populace. Regular immunization is the only way to keep a disease at bay until it is entirely eliminated from the populace. Only after eliminating a disease is it safe to even consider not taking immunizations against it.

Immunization protects our future

Taking the time to make immunization a strong suggestion to the public serves a purpose greater than what many think. It is vital for people to remain in the habit of regular immunization in an effort to protect not only themselves, but the generations that follow them as well. Taking the time to immunize now to stomp out disease will pave a future that sees certain diseases eradicated, meaning the following generations will be able to live freely without having to worry about an immunization for that disease.

The concept of eradicating a disease to the status of not having to fear it has already been done with the smallpox disease. There is no need to take a smallpox shot now simply because the disease is has been smothered to a level of insignificance by the majority of the populace being immune. This model can be followed with many of the other common diseases people inoculate against, such as polio and meningitis. Continued immunization is absolutely necessary to stomp out these diseases and to lead a healthy life without fearing them.


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  1. Gregory Willard Reply

    Lately, I have been thinking about immunizations and I was curious about how they help. It’s interesting that they actually are the only way to keep a disease at bay until it is eliminated from the populace. I am glad that there are ways to prevent diseases from coming back.

  2. Elsa Anderson Reply

    It’s interesting how you say that if people were to start to ignore immunizations, diseases would be guaranteed to spread right back out into the populace. My mom is pressuring me to not immunize my kids, but I think it’s important to do so. There are so many germs, viruses, and bacteria out there that I want to do everything I can to protect my children and immunizations are a great start.

  3. Kourtney Jensen Reply

    I appreciate how you said that being vaccinated won’t only protect us as individuals but the generations to come. When I was in college, we had to be current on all of our vaccine. It keeps us protected in case we come in contact with a disease but also helps in preventing the spread of them, which not a lot of people probably realize.

  4. Kylie Dotts Reply

    I didn’t realize that immunizations could help stomp out diseases that could come about in future generations. It does make sense that by doing something now you could change your body so it isn’t affected by certain viruses. Throughout the generations, if this were done some strains could be prevented altogether because the body will have adapted and grown to be immune.

  5. ashleyturns94 Reply

    I appreciate you mentioning that by taking immunizations now, we can help eradicate certain diseases in the future. My husband and I are debating whether we should have our daughter take some unrequired vaccinations or just leave them alone. Since I would love to help completely wipe away some diseases in the future, we will be sure to have her get immunizations.

  6. Leviticus Bennett Reply

    Woah, I did not realize that if enough people are vaccinated then a disease can become extinct. My sister is deciding whether or not she should vaccinate her kids. I will let her know that vaccination is important for not only her kids but also further down the line when they start their own families. That may convince her, then she needs to find a local drugstore that offers vaccines.

  7. Monica Chavez Reply

    My sister has a five year old daughter that has been sick with a fever recently. I think she would really benefit from seeing a doctor and receiving regular vaccinations to help her body be more immune to a lot of the sicknesses that go around in a kindergarten classroom. I like how you pointed out that continued immunizations keep the spread of disease at bay.

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