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Saving Money At The Pharmacy

With the high cost of prescription medications eating into the family budget it is important to find ways to save money at the pharmacy. One of the best methods is to purchase generic drugs. Generic prescriptions are less expensive alternatives to brand-name products. Depending on your prescription and medication needs you could save significantly by […]



You can still see the scar on my right shoulder, and I remember standing in line at the local Catholic Church with everyone else in my neighborhood. The year is a little fuzzy, 1974 maybe. Polio (poliomyelitis) vaccines were being doled out to keep anyone from being stricken with the dreaded ailment that could turn […]


Infection Mortality

The 20th century was a time that brought great change in the world. Things were nothing then like what we take for granted today. During the American civil war more soldiers died from infection than died from bullets. Merely a small cut could cause an infection that would kill you.


The Importance Of Immunization

The importance of immunization in this country is becoming a more commonly asked about subject as the media paints the picture of an overly healthy country. There has been a flaunting of the strength of vaccines by the media and thanks to this flaunting most of the populace has developed false impressions about immunization.

Can Affordable Care Act Fix The US Health System?

Americans are very fond of saying that they live in the best country in the world. But, you will not meet too many people who will say that the Americans have the best health care system in the world. That is probably the reason why the Affordable Care Act created such a reaction in the […]

Antibiotics in Meat: Are We Raising Super Bugs?

Most of us are vaguely aware that meat manufacturers feed healthy animals with antibiotics and other drugs. In fact, 80 percents of antibiotics produced in the US are not used to cure diseases. The drugs are given to healthy animals, in small doses, to prevent diseases. Fed with antibiotics, animals grow much faster and larger, […]

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Men usually worry about their testosterone level only when they start experiencing low libido or have problem having an erection. But, testosterone is responsible for proper functioning of many of our systems, in men and women. In men, low testosterone can lead to obesity, bones prone to easy breaking, loss of muscles, depression, loss of […]

How To Cut Your Healthcare Costs? Don’t Get Sick!

In 2007, Americans spent $2.24 trillion on health care. An average American family of four spent about $16,700. What is even scarier is the fact that these costs are growing much faster than an average income.  We can despair, move to Canada where the health care is free, or do something about it. And that […]

How Long Do Meds Last In The Cabinet

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration require that all packaged foods as well as medications have expiration dates printed on the containers. The dates on most prescriptions and over the counter medications are highly conservative with medications lasting up to several years beyond the printed expiration date. In 1979 laws were passed that required drug […]

The Cost Of Growing Old

With longer life expectancy, the cost of health care has increased. It has been estimated that people over the age of 60 pay the most when it comes to health care. Due to the economic turmoil and rising costs, it has become more important than ever to plan for additional expenses that old age requires. […]