Cheap Indoor Exercises That Aren’t Boring

During cold months or even during the rainy times you might want to just recline on the couch, eat yummy snacks and just pile on the pounds. If you don’t have a gym connection or manage an active lifestyle you will gain winter weight. It’s really not required to go to the gym and you don’t need warm weather to have fun and stay in shape. There are numerous exercises you can manage in the coziness of your own home and they don”t use elaborate equipment or machines.

Try these fun exercises to keep active; do them in front of a television or while watching a movie. You will find that you are not bored and don’t really realize that you are exercising.

Jumping jacks is a great way to warm up for a good indoor workout. Do about fifty straight jumping jacks. Start slow and keep them in sets. Try leg squats, pushups and crunches and leg raises. Do three sets of five to ten repetitions. Add additional exercises if you have the tolerance. Find an awesome exercise DVD that will give your body a total workout. There are many examples on the web or in your local movie store. It’s always fun to work with professionals and not be self-conscious.

There are many Pilates workout DVDs and Pilates will give you a good workout with quite a number of variations. As you do Pilates to a DVD you will find that watching others do Pilates is very entertaining. Martial arts are a good way to give your body flexibility. Try tai chi, kickboxing and taekwondo. If you can’t seem to get the hang of martial arts via a DVD, try taking a class or getting lessons for a couple of sessions. Dance to music while you work. Dancing is great cardio and will help you burn calories. You don’t have to be a great dancer; who at home is watching you anyway?

If you have a gaming system try using one of their programs for exercise. WII Fit is designed help you exercise using aerobics and strength training. You might play a game of Twister with family and or friends. This helps you bend and stretch and is a good aerobic workout. If you have stairs in your home walk them often. Just keep your body moving to burn calories. Cleaning your home is a great way to exercise and cleaning is very satisfying. Increase the speed of your movements as your work to burn more calories. Try yoga for a great way to get in shape spiritually and physically. Purchase DVDs and books or try internet charts. Yoga is a perfect at home exercise that is not boring, costs very little and is awesome.


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