Gaining Weight While Being a Vegetarian

Gaining Weight While Being a Vegetarian

Vegetarians are formally defined as those who have diets that are plant based and stay away from poultry, red meats, seafood and fish. Nutrition is based on a plant-advanced diet and only those foods grown from the soil are permitted. There are, however, several types of vegetarians who do add “forbidden” items to their diets. There are lacto vegetarians who consume diary, lacto-ovo vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs, pesco vegetarian who love fish, and pollo vegetarians who do eat a good chicken dinner on occasion.  Every classification of vegetarian does endorse a plant-based diet for health, environmental, religious and weight reduction properties.

Imperia Oneglia - vegetables at the Wednesday market

When you discuss a vegetarian diet you are usually referring to vegans. Vegans only eat food from the soil and if they are true vegans they do not wear or use anything that is animal based. The vegan diet is highly environmentally friendly, but the eco-friendly diet and lifestyle can cause health problems. Vegans as an average do have a difficult time gaining weight and keeping a healthy weight. There are plant based foods however, if eaten in the right portions can provide weight gaining properties. These types of foods can put the color back into the cheeks of a vegetarian and provide them with more energy and vitality. Be smart about what you eat even as a vegetarian.


Eating Proteins

Protein helps increase weight and is useful in restoring the immune systems. The Vegetarian Society urges its members to eat tofu, nuts, tempeh, seeds and peas. These foo