Good Bye Trans Fat Good Riddance

New York City Banned Trans Fat in December of 2006
The State of California Banned Trans Fat in 2008
The City of Philadelphia Banned Trans Fat
The City of Boston has Banned Trans Fat

McDonald’s has found Trans Fat free oil that is acceptable to them in 2008.

So what exactly is Trans Fat?

Trans Fat is what is produced when food manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil.

Procter and Gamble put Trans Fat on our shelves and into our bodies when they perfected Crisco in 1912.  This was a huge financial success for P&G providing the consumer with a cheaper alternative to lard for cooking.  From there the use of partially hydrogenated oils in the food industry grew:  low cost and an increase in the shelf life.  Trans Fat could be found in prepackaged convenience foods such as:  cookies, cakes and doughnuts.  And eventually spread to about 40% of the products sold in grocery stores.

So what’s so bad about Trans Fat?

Trans Fat raises the risk of Coronary Artery Disease.
Trans Fat raises LDL Cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).
Trans Fat lowers HDL Cholesterol (the good cholesterol).

What are health experts saying?

The US Governments Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 is to keep Trans Fatty Acid consumption as low as possible.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) says there is NO safe level of Trans Fat.

The American Heart Association (AHA) 2006 recommendation states that your daily intake of Trans Fats be limited to no more than 1 percent of your total calories.

In 2003 the FDA said Trans Fat must be listed on all product labels so that consumers had knowledge.

What did I find in my fridge and pantry?

I read every food label in my house to discover which food items might be hiding Trans Fat or partially hydrogenated oils and this is what I found:

Frozen Meatballs
Pizza Rolls
Crescent Rolls
Ice Cream
Store bought Graham Cracker Crust (If I made this myself there would be no Trans Fat)
Microwave Popcorn

What is the good news?

Restaurants even fast food chains are changing recipes to get the Trans Fat out.

Products in my pantry that I was thrilled didn’t contain Trans Fat included:

Crisco (Yes, the product that started it all has been revised into a safer option).
Goldfish Crackers
Tostitos Chips

The good news about Trans Fat is that it is on its way out of our lives forever.  There are however a few products still clinging to the shelves so shop with awareness, read labels, be careful of restaurant food, you can always ask your server if things are prepared without Trans Fat.


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