Whole Body Vibration and Bone Density

Whole Body Vibration and Bone Density

Whole body vibration therapy is known for increasing muscle mass and bone density. Most people can easily understand how whole body vibration can affect the muscles, but the effect upon the bones is not as easy to understand. When you begin to understand this connection, however, you really begin to see how it can change your future bone health. How can whole body vibration help increase the density and strength of the bones?

The heavier that your body is, the less chance that you will be afflicted with osteoporosis. This is simply due to the fact that the bones have to be stronger to carry around the extra weight when you are obese. In that same vein, what whole body vibration therapy does is that it makes the body seem heavier than it is just for a split second when it is vibrating. This increases the strength and density of the bones over a long period of time naturally.

Another impact of whole body vibration therapy on the entire body occurs when the muscle contracts. Muscle contraction “bends” the bones, which causes the cells in the bones to regenerate and cause them to gain density and strength. The more exercise that you do on the whole body vibration machine, the stronger that your bones will get.

The action of vibrating breaks down the muscle cells and when they rebuild, they become stronger. The vibration also excites the osteoblasts that are in the bones, which are responsible for bone growth. The more the osteoblasts are excited, the stronger that the bones get. Vibrating increases this effect while you are exercising to help give your body the maximum of benefits.

There are some significant benefits from increasing the bone mass and density of your body. The most important one is that it decreases the incidence of osteoporosis, but it also helps to decrease the chance of bone breakage and more. By using whole body vibration in conjunction with an exercise program, you can make your entire body healthier, from the inside out! What could be better?  For even more information, click on whole body vibration machines.