Stay Cool with Fruits and Veggies

It”s that time of the year again ” “ the time for garden parties, outdoor cafes and tropical vacations. It is also the time of heavy sweating and easy dehydration. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay cool and hydrated, even without all that water sloshing in your stomach.

Woman enjoying healthy fruitsSalad worth two glasses of water

The summer is one season when we do not need to be reminded to drink our required eight glasses of water.   We probably drink much more than that. But, you might find it more fun to actually eat your water, instead of drinking it.

Some vegetables are known for being full of water. The best are:

Cucumbers (containing 96 percents of water)

Zucchini (also 96 percents)

Iceberg lettuce (also 96 percents)

Radishes (95 percents)

Tomatoes (95 percents)

Bell peppers (91 percents)

How about chopping a bit of each of these delicious summer veggies into a sumptuous salad, tossed with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and spices of your choice? Besides making a wonderful lunch, this salad would be the equivalent of two glasses of water.

Truly cool fruit salad

Alternatives to veggies full of water are juicy fruits that are not only full of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients but of water as well:

Strawberries (contain 92 percent of water)
Grapefruit (91 percent)
Cantaloupe (90 percent)
Pineapples (87 percent)
Raspberries (87 percent)
Peaches (89 percent)
Blueberries (85 percent)

Eat your cool salads fresh, since cooking not only kills many nutrients but reduces the water content as well. Fruits are also delicious in smoothies, as long as you do not add any sugar or cream. Just toss a few cubes of ice, or some fat-free milk if you cannot resist it.

You also might want to try mixing fruits and vegetables for some very imaginative salads. Experiment a bit and come up with your favorite combination, before you invite your friends over for the summer party.


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