10 Things You’ll Never See on a Baby Registry — But Totally Should

10 Things You’ll Never See on a Baby Registry — But Totally Should

When registering for a baby shower, Sara Lindberg and her husband, registered for many items for their baby. There are some items, however, that were left off that they promised themselves they would include the next time they were pregnant. These include homemade meals, once a week. This can be given individually or by a group. On a similar note, a subscription to a meal food service. Some other suggestions were a date night with babysitting service from the gift giver, a donation to the child’s college fund, a professional cleaning service, items for the mom-to-be’s wardrobe, a subscription to an online tv and movie database such as Netflix or Hulu, or a body care package. These are items not typically thought of by friends and family but are so helpful to the new mom and dad.

Key Points:

  • 1If this is a gift from one person, the meals could be given over the course of a month (i.e., every Sunday for one month). And for a new mom, it would feel like a blessing.
  • 2You can establish a 529 savings fund for your child and then ask family and friends to make a deposit to the account.
  • 3The best gift I received with my second pregnancy was a basket of quiet activities for my older daughter to play with while I was nursing, napping, or just resting.

Another meal-related (but far easier route) would be springing for a week’s worth of recipe deliveries. Blue Apron, Green Chef, Plated … No matter the service, this one’s ideal simply because it saves new parents the hassle of having to make it to the grocery store during that crazy first week home.

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