If 1st Baby’s Early, 2nd Will Be Too: Study

Delivering prematurely, even by only a couple weeks, with a first baby can lead to a three times greater risk of delivering prematurely with the following child. This element has shocked the doctors who carried out the study. Over 100,000 women have been tested to solidify the results. Taking into account drug and alcohol use, doctors have verified that this is quite consistent. This complication is one of the leading causes of infant death and, therefore, is of great interest to many doctors and parents alike. With this knowledge, however, mothers can observe care in future pregnancies by communicating with their doctors. With guidance from their doctors, complications with premature births can be monitored and treated. Now, those who are only a few weeks premature are no longer considered highly at risk.

Key Points:

  • 1Women who give birth to their first child prematurely are more likely to deliver their next child prematurely.
  • 2Even when other factors for premature birth are taken into account, the risk of a subsequent premature delivery was still two to three times higher for women who had given birth to their first child prematurely.
  • 3Based on the findings, more women could be more closely monitored during their pregnancies, potentially preventing the complications associated with preterm births.

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Read the full article at: https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_159833.html


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