Morning Sickness

Morning sickness during pregnancy is no fun at all. Most women experience the feeling of nausea and/or vomiting in their first trimester (the first 12 weeks). March of dimes has some useful tips on minimalizing morning sickness as well as some information on when to be concerened. Morning sickness can be dangerous if you have extreme morning sickness that results in weight loss (more than 2 pounds) or leaves you dehydrated. This could be harmful to you and your developing baby. If you are pregnant and experiencing morning sickness or thinking about trying to become pregnant, please check out March of dimes and get some useful information regarding morning sickness.

Key Points:

  • 1“Morning sickness” is a relatively common condition that consists of feeling nauseous, usually early in pregnancy.
  • 2Some treatments include eating smaller meals or healthy snacks, drinking plenty of fluids, or avoiding strong smells.
  • 3Call your doctor if you are vomiting more than 3 times a day, cannot pee, or the nausea continues past four months of being pregnant.

At least 7 in 10 women have morning sickness during the first trimester (first 3 months or about 12 weeks of pregnancy).

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