Air Ambulance Services: Things You Need To Know If You Are In An Emergency

Air Ambulance Services: Things You Need To Know If You Are In An Emergency

An air ambulance is an essential mode of transportation when there is a requirement for emergency healthcare. In case a person is in an accident, has suffered some kind of trauma, or needs special transportation for medical treatment, air ambulances can provide life-saving services. However, before you face the need to avail of such a facility, there are certain things you should be aware of.


Who Might Need an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are a specialized and crucial mode of air transport for people who are in need to reach a medical facility to avail of critical and specialized medical assistance. Following are a few examples of cases who can need an air ambulance:

  • Critical Accident
  • Accident in a remote location
  • Stroke
  • Cancer treatment
  • Organ replacement
  • Critical surgery
  • Trauma treatment
  • Senior people 

Critical patients who need to travel more than 250 miles are advised to avail of an air ambulance too. 


How Soon Can an Air Ambulance Be Arranged?

An air ambulance company should preferably be booked a few days in advance to allow them to prepare for the transportation needs of a patient, provided the circumstances permit. In cases of dire emergency within the country, they can also be arranged within 2-4 hours, depending on the location and the company providing the service. For international emergencies, the time to respond can depend on a few factors, such as international permits, visas, flight schedules, etc.