8 Tips For Improving Occupational Hygiene

Maintaining a safe workplace has always been essential, even before the pandemic arrived. Practicing efficient occupational hygiene routines is, therefore, vital for business owners and employees alike so they can be protected from exposure to potential risks that may arise from their day-to-day business operations.

6 Benefits Of Undertaking Health And Safety Courses

While everyone is aware that health and safety are major concerns nowadays, most people still don’t take the appropriate steps to ensure their own health and safety. Not shutting off the current when trying to make electrical repairs, unnecessarily crossing the street while on the road, and swimming in unprotected pools are only some examples […]

Medical Alert Systems And Advice On Caring For Bedridden Patients

When caring for a bedridden patient, it’s crucial to prepare to handle any emergency. Installing a good alert system is among the best ways to prepare for emergencies. Your patient can develop a sudden health issue or even fall. The installation of a good system enables bedridden patients to seek assistance or even take care […]

Choose Healthy Options For Emergency Food Supply

Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Face Masks In Public

We can probably all agree that wearing a mask in public is not ideal, but it is necessary if we want to stay safe throughout the course of this pandemic. But there seems to be some confusion about what you can and can’t do when it comes to wearing a face mask in public. Check […]

Minimizing Health Risks During COVID-19

To call the threat presented by the novel coronavirus a worldwide emergency would be an understatement. Despite affecting every part of the world, COVID-19 has hit the U.S. particularly hard, due largely in part to harmful misinformation and the lack of a coordinated federal response. As such, going about many of the daily tasks we […]

Things To Do To Avoid Always Being On Your Phone During The Lockdown

When the lockdown started, you felt excited. You didn’t have to go to work or even socialize with other people. You could spend a lot of time at home. However, as months went by, you realized that you were running out of things to do. You had no choice but to keep using your phone […]

How Dental Offices Have Adapted To The Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic started early last year, dental offices were temporarily shut down for a couple of months. Until the time came, dental offices have to continue their operations due to the increasing demand for dental care. With this, all reopened dental offices have to quickly adapt to new health protocols and procedures for […]

Why Sustainable Surgery Is Such A Tricky Subject

The Disinfecting Power Of UV-C Light