The Best Accessories For Sleep

Who says sleeping isn’t glamorous? No matter your reasons for needing more sleep, whether you are struggling with your health or you are trying to prevent further health complications later in your life, this article has the answers.  

We will give you some tips and tricks and a list of the best bed accessories and products made to help you sleep better.


Accessories for Blocking (or Adding) Sound

As both philosophy and health insurance experts would say, sleep is vital. This is why whether you sleep better with no noise or white noise, we have you covered with these products.

White Noise Sound Machine

Sleep deprivation has serious health consequences, which is why you need to get a good night’s rest. This is why we will start with one of the easier items you can get on this list.  

A white noise sound machine is an easy way to drown out any distracting noise while also helping to lull you into a deep sleep. They’re both practical uses that anyone can benefit from.

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Any sort of smart home device works. They can both help play relaxing music before bed and play peppy music as you wake. You can also pair these with other smart devices like the noise-masking sleepbuds listed below.  

Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

In case you sleep with someone else and they don’t want to be listening to any white noise or music, these can be very helpful in lulling you to sleep, much like the smart home device. They are designed to drown out any other noise in the background, which can be especially helpful if your sleep partner is known to snore.  


Accessories for Blocking (or Adding) Light

These are great for anyone who struggles with light from their devices or from outside light sources keeping them awake. It is recommended to keep your room as dark as possible to get a good night’s sleep.

Although, if you are on the other end of this, and having no light in your room makes it harder for you to sleep, then we have you covered. We offer some light accessories that can help you.

Eye Mask

Eye masks are a cheap but great way to block out any unnecessary light that has kept you up at night, especially if you have a sleep schedule that requires you to sleep during odd hours of the day.  

Blackout Curtain

A blackout curtain is another item that can help if you have light sensitivity. They also serve a double function of helping to keep your windows insulated by decreasing the amount of cool air from leaking through your window.

Blackout curtains also help block out the sun and heat during the summer.

Book Light or Night Light

Sometimes reading a book helps you fall asleep at night, but you don’t want to leave all your lights on to do so. This is where having a book light comes in handy. You can also couple this with a night light if keeping a small amount of light on helps you sleep at night.

Light Therapy Lamp

This is an excellent device for those who struggle with getting up in the morning or have seasonal depression. A light therapy lamp can both mimic the sunset and sunrise.

Our brains will naturally tell our bodies to feel sleepy when the sun sets and to awaken as it rises. This lamp can stimulate both things while also being an alarm clock.  

The lamp features also give you a therapy lamp, which helps immensely when suffering from seasonal depression, a common symptom of which is fatigue. Just turn the lamp on and point it a bit away from your face, then allow yourself to soak in the light for a few minutes.


Tech and App Sleep Accessories

SleepScore App

This app uses your microphone and speakers to track your breathing patterns at night. It can then use those results to give you an idea of ways that you can improve your sleep. You can also track your progress over time on a chart.

This helps you avoid developing serious chronic health issues down the line by flagging any warning signs ahead of time.

Nokia Sleep Tracking Pad

Just slip this device between your comforter and bed frame and allow it to work its magic. It can check several statistics about your sleep such as your heart rate, your movement, and your REM cycle.

It uses these facts to give you an exact idea of how to improve your sleep and how to track it over time.


Accessories to Help You Reach Deep Sleep

Pure Kana CBD Oil

This oil is a cannabis derivative that does not have the psychoactive chemicals that would normally make you high. It is legal and can help you if you suffer from chronic pain and insomnia. It’s also non-addictive, unlike other options, which can make it a more appealing product compared to others.

Memory Foam Pillow

Often when you wake up with kinks in your neck and sores on your body, it is due to poor posture while sleeping. An easy remedy that doesn’t involve replacing your whole mattress is to buy a new pillow that can address your problems.  

Memory foam is preferable for most since it will form to the shape of your body while also giving good support. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Weighted Blanket

These are scientifically proven to help people sleep by giving them a sense of comfort and safety as they sleep.  


Not only can sound be used to help lull you to sleep, but so can certain smells. Your diffuser usually allows you to put it on a timer so it will distribute and disperse the scent at specific times throughout the night. A recommended smell you may want to start with is lavender. It is a scent known to help people relax.


If you suffer from a dry throat, cough, or dry skin, then a humidifier is a great way to remedy that. The best sleep environment is a room that is both dark and cool. A humidifier helps you meet the right humidity for those conditions. Many of them can also disperse scents like a diffuser into the air, depending on the kind of liquid you put inside of it.  

However, you should only use liquids that the factory recommends for your humidifier.

Air Purifier

Allergies are usually the number one reason people suffer from a restless sleep. Nothing is worse than waking up early to a stuffy nose and sore throat. Purifiers can help you work around those issues. Most remove over 99 percent of allergies and dust in the air.  

Be sure to read the back of your packaging so you grab the right kind for the square footage of the room that you are trying to cover. And be sure to look for the kind of purifiers that run quietly if you struggle with sleeping through noise.


Good Night, and Have a Good Rest

Try not to buy into the common sleep myths, “You can just catch up on sleep later,” or “It isn’t that important while you are young.”

If you are having issues falling asleep, it’s best to discuss them right away with your doctors and not down the line after you have developed chronic health issues due to sleep deprivation.  

Hopefully, at least one of these products will be of use to you or will spur you into looking for the specific kind of products you need to get the sleep your body needs.


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