Addiction And Toxic Relationships

Addiction And Toxic Relationships

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease whose negative effects can be felt on loving relationships. It can create dysfunction and trauma among the people in a relationship. And, dysfunctional relationships can also cause addiction. In some cases, people abuse substances trying to cope with relationships that have negativity.

Addiction and toxic relationships mostly go hand in hand. But, change can come if an addict or their family or even friends end the toxic influence of addiction on a relationship. A toxic relationship is harmful and unhealthy to the overall wellbeing of a person. In some cases, it can affect the physical health of an individual negatively.


Definition of a Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship can be defined as a relationship that involves abuse, manipulation, selfishness, control patterns, and negative behavior. It can harm both or one of the involved people. Such a relationship can cause addiction because a person can turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with painful emotions.

In some cases, addiction can lead to a toxic relationship. That’s because alcohol and drugs can poison the bonds that loved ones share, lead to enabling or codependency. That’s why if a man in a relationship shows signs of addiction; he should seek help from men’s addiction treatment as soon as possible.


Signs of a Toxic Relationship

You can tell that a relationship is toxic if you mostly feel bad, manipulated, belittled, or incapable of having a life outside the relationship. Here are common signs of an unhealthy relationship:

  • Volatility – A common red flag is when the person you’re in a relationship with has over-the-top behaviors or extreme reactions that feel overwhelming. If you feel strained to prevent the unpredictable actions of the person, the relationship is unhealthy.
  • Jealousy – This experience is common. However, there should be a line that shouldn’t be crossed. The red flag to watch out for is when your partner feels threatened or lashes out on realizing that you relate with other people.
  • Isolation – Does your partner keep you away from family, friends, and other people? Or do they require you to choose between others and them? If yes, that’s a red flag.
  • Belittling – Name-calling and rude remarks are signs of belittling aimed at making a partner in a relationship feel bad. They are signs of a