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Top 7 Health Consequences Of Drug Abuse

There are a wide range of direct and indirect effects associated with drug abuse, both short- and long-term. Several factors affect the effectiveness of the drug, including the kind of drug, the quantity, and manner of consumption, and the addict’s health. Health consequences of drug abuse include nutritional concerns, sleeping pattern disruption, impairment of decision-making, […]

Alcohol Recovery Means Better Health & Better Life Insurance

Even with love from family and friends, guidance from health professionals on everything from behavior treatments to medications, and peer support from 12-step programs, alcohol recovery is a hard road because it is a lifetime commitment.

Do Drugs Age You Prematurely?

One of the most enduring legacies of the “War on Drugs” is the use of “before and after” photos to very graphically illustrate the effects of prolonged drug use. Anyone who’s been through the American school system has seen these pictures, depicting a young boy or girl in the prime of their youth, followed by […]

Learning The Language Of Letting Go: Recovering From Alcohol Abuse

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop,” this saying is by Confucius, a Chinese philosopher. Its words bring forth empowerment and change – especially for those going through recovery. And just as this mantra pushes one to venture each day, so do you with your everyday choices.

Has Substance Abuse Increased During The Pandemic?

COVID-19 has significantly affected millions of people around the world, causing psychological problems brought about by unemployment, business closure, restrictions, and uncertainties. The question this article would aim to answer is whether substance abuse increased during the pandemic. Learn what research studies show about the impacts of the pandemic on the rate of substance abuse […]

Long-Term Effects Of Drug Abuse

Individuals rarely think of the long-term effects of drug addiction. They remain focused on obtaining the high and stay in the moment. Nevertheless, they discover they have negatively impacted their health and developed conditions such as heart disease and liver damage. Anxiety disorders and depression also become concerns when a person abuses drugs. The drugs […]

Alcohol Addiction – How To Stop Drinking

People drink because of various reasons. For some, it is the only way to suppress their uncomfortable thoughts and emotions, for others – it is the easiest solution to entertain themselves and relax. The lockdown that was meant to limit the spreading of the COVID-19 virus was just another trigger that allowed alcohol to become […]

Serious Effects Of Substance Addiction To The Individual, Family & Society

Substance addiction does not come alone. It brings many adverse effects for the addicted individuals, their families and the people around them. The negative consequences of drug or alcohol addiction can be life-altering and affect their physical and psychological state.

Saving Loved Ones: 6 Ways To Help Your Loved Ones Defeat Alcohol Addiction

In almost every party or occasion, alcohol is always present. Whether it’s tequila, beer, or a shot of margarita, you can always find these drinks. Drinking moderately will always be the advice, but have you ever thought about what would alcohol do to someone, perhaps a friend or a loved one, when drinking becomes an […]

5 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Drug Rehab Center

Addiction is one of the diseases that has its tentacles actively extended to every corner of the United States. In 2018, about 20.3 million Americans above the age of 12 years had a substance abuse disorder.1 Generally, 165 million people were substance users in the same year — all casually jogging towards the addiction threshold. […]