Substance Abuse

How To Kick Your Smoking Habit

Tobacco cravings can be incredibly powerful for smokers, which is why curbing the habit can be so difficult. But there are ways to boost your willpower and make quitting smoking easier. Here are some ideas to help you kick your smoking habit for good, from distraction techniques to prescription options your GP can help you […]

Behind the Trend From Prescriptions To Natural Therapy For Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s not surprising that more Americans than ever before are looking for ways to get some relief. With over 40 million people across the county currently dealing with opioid addiction, pain sufferers are looking for other treatment options. For many years, the pain from […]

How Substance Abuse Can Affect Families

While overcoming substance abuse is often considered a personal struggle that affects only the user, in the context of a family setting, drug and alcohol abuse can negatively impact the whole family.

Alcohol And Work: What You Need To Know

For many, social drinking is something to look forward to after a hard week’s work with your peers. Going out for a few to the local pub can be enjoyable and serves as a way to bond with your colleagues, but it’s also dangerous; drinking culture is widespread in the UK, and it can enable […]

Rehab Centers Don’t Have To Be Scary Anymore

Drug and alcohol addiction are conditions that affect both the addict and the people closest to them. To beat the addiction requires support from the addict’s family and friends, as they choose rehabilitation.

The Dangers Of Nitro